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  • January, 2014 ~ UPDATE:  A special visitor from Thailand and on to Guatemala

March 5, 2008:  Revisiting past ministries & update on Thailand

As 2007 was waning away, I found myself seeking the Lord as to just what His will was for me. I was certain that He had led me to study Spanish, and He had given me a heart for Latin America, but I was also certain that I was not to pioneer a new work. Since most of my years and experience in missions was pioneering, this would be a change.  

The new possibilities filled my mind, and as I prayed for leading a desire to revisit my past ministries, and those who shared in them began to grow. I contacted folks in Europe, West Bank, and Thailand and retraced my steps in missions.  

In Holland I visited the YWAM base in Amsterdam (where I worked as a volunteer in 1982) and the school at Heidebeek (where I attended in 1983). It was wonderful and I was blessed. I was invited to teach at one of the leadership schools in Amsterdam, but it clearly was not the Lord’s timing. 

In Denmark I visited those who had faithfully supported the work in Thailand (and still do) and on the West Bank. We spent many hours sharing and in prayer, they encouraged me and were confident that the Lord would direct me.  

In Jerusalem I visited the students who had been in the extension campus I pioneered (1996-1999). They are all (every one of them) in leadership positions now. I saw a need and opportunity there, but not a “call”. 

In Thailand I visited the young women, who had been 12 years old when I first met them, many of them also now in leadership positions, I taught Bible studies, counseled, and spoke at an evangelistic outreach. It was a blessing, but clearly it was my past, not my future. 

One interesting report I would like to share with you from Thailand. In 1985 Lay Bee Yeoh and I met daily to pray for the young girls trapped in slavery. We prayed for the laws of the land to change: that the government would require children to complete 9th grade (instead of 6th), and for brothel owners to come to repentance. Several years ago the government did change the required level to 9th grade. Then, in December of 2007, Lay Bee took me to a park in the center of Bangkok, where a row of brothels had once stood. She nudged me to read the inscription on a pillar. It read: CHUVIT GARDEN Named in honor of Chuvit Kamolvisit DEDICATED TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST 29TH OF AUGUST 2005 TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Twenty years after out mornings of intercession, Lay Bee and I were able to rejoice in answered prayer (brothel owner came to repentance)! GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!!! 

As encouraging as these visits were I still did not know exactly what the Lord’s will for me was. I knew He had invested a lot in me over the years and I wanted to pass that on.  I knew I needed to continue to study Spanish, and that I would serve in Latin America… but I wanted the exact details.  

My time in Guadalajara had been blessed. I had wonderful contacts; there were opportunities and need, but….Two years earlier, when I was impressed to study Spanish, I had met John Bonner at Calvary Chapel Missions Conference. I was impressed with his work in Peru and later emailed him.  But there was no response. Peru remained in my heart, and I continued to pray... and…finally a response! 

During these months of seeking the Lord, He had given me a clear understanding of how I was to “pass on” His investment in me. The details of this are on my web page ( under seminars. I shared this with John and we agreed to meet at the Missions Conference in January (2008) to discuss the possibilities. 

Also, while at the conference, I became aware of a team from Calvary Costa Mesa going to Guatemala in February to hold a conference for Sunday School teachers. Since I had never done anything with Children’s Ministries with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the trip was to a Spanish speaking country in Latin America, I asked to join the team, and they graciously accepted me. 

Traveling, working and ministering with this team was an incredible blessing! I was so impressed with the quality of the conferences, and their level of commitment to Sunday School! There were over 400 participants and 54 churches represented. It was awesome! I learned so much!!!! I returned with a greater vision and burden for children, and with a greater sense of the value of short-term mission’s trips.  

April 1st I will be in Peru!!! Yeah! After more than two years of prayer!!!! It is my understanding that I will be teaching at the Bible College there, and working on my Spanish for the remainder of 2008. John is aware of my heart for women, and children, who come from abusive backgrounds, and my desire to come alongside existing ministries to train and assist leaders who share this burden. I want to be based in Latin America for this purpose, and I need to have on-the-field accountability and covering. Over the next months we will be seeking the Lord for His clear direction concerning all of this. Please join us in prayer. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Processing of a resident visa without delays

  • Travel mercy and HELP with the heavy bags (I will be carrying books)

  • All the details and responsibilities between now and then

  • For bonding between myself and the team in Peru



September 9, 2008:  Pachacutec, Peru  [click here for background information about this area in Peru]

I woke up at 2:00AM and could not go back to sleep. At around nine, I went to the campus and talked with Deb while waiting for the fruit to be delivered. I also asked John about borrowing the chairs and, set 10 aside and found Edgar to carry them down and stack them behind the door. I returned home to shower and change and to try to take a little nap. I could not sleep, so I returned to the campus and washed the water container and filled it to take with us.

At 1:00 PM the team members began to arrive. By 1:30 everyone was there. We made several calls about the van (through translation), which was suppose to be there so we could leave at 1:30. But at 1:35 we were told the van was stopped by the police and would not be coming! Juan Carlos was sent to get two taxis, but when I looked up the street, he was talking on the phone. So I went to insure we got taxis (should not have gone). We got one taxi for forty (should have been 20 or 30), then Juan Carlos and I headed back. Carlos stayed to get another taxi.

While we were loading up to go, Juan Carlos, Mili, and Deb went missing! I went into the dining room, kitchen and patio area looking for them and asking if anyone knew where they were. In the meantime, the taxi was being loaded up, and Carlos had arrived with a second taxi. I looked again for the three missing persons, no luck. I returned to the taxi and continued load it up. As we were about to leave, I checked one more time! Someone told me the three missing persons were in the meeting room. Sure enough they were loading up equipment to be taken to Ventanilla for Raul.

In the taxi, I explained to Mili that she needed to check with me before she went off to do other projects (Team Rule, if leaving an area where all the team is, inform someone where you are going).

When we arrived on the road into Pachacutec, I was uncertain of the directions. I suggested we ask a Pedi cab driver. Then we tried to call Juan Carlos, then the owner, finally I recognized where we were (make sure everyone has clear directions of how to arrive at the facility in Pachacutec).

The other taxi had arrived before us, and they were unloaded and inside. This was very disappointing for me, because I wanted to bring them in when they saw the facility for the first time. I met briefly with Deb and Juan Carlos and told them the confusion that was caused when they did not inform the team leader or anyone on the team where they were going. They understood (I think that was the best time to deal with that, so it did not remain an issue until the end of the program).

As we started setting up, it was apparent that everything was covered with sandy dust (roof covering is very poor) although the place was cleaned on Thursday! (I need to arrive at Pachacutec early, by noon on Saturday, to clean and set up). At this point I was overwhelmed trying to "process" everything and could not delegate. This made it difficult for all concerned because I could not effectively communicate what needed to be done. Had things gone as planned, and had we arrived at 2:15 – 2:30 (as planned), I would have delegated all these last minute details. (List everything that needs to be done before session begins, give list to Marie Elena to delegate).

I assigned Marie Elena to a table, my reasoning was that Jenny could not because she was in the skit and Mili had to be available to me for translation (Should have been Jenny, because she only would have had to leave once. Maria Elena and Jenny will share group leadership for that table).

I placed Hugo at a table with Juan Carlos (this was not necessary in future weeks Hugo can pass out flyers between 3-4).

Carlos was in the character of David throughout the session, while it is a good idea that he remain "in character" there is not really anything for him to do except stand around (he can pass out flyers with Hugo).

After the program was over, I was distracted with team snacks and cleaning the toilets, again this should have been delegated earlier (list all that needs to be done, a rotation list for the toilet clean up, and give to Maria Elena to delegate).

The meeting afterwards was shortened due to all the unexpected (allow 15 minutes to do various chores, set up snack table, then have the meeting. Co-chair meeting with Maria Elena).

We locked up and started walking when Hugo remembered he had left his backpack in the facility. I sent Juan Carlos and Hugo back, waiting for them on the roadside (before locking up make sure everyone checks to see that they have everything).

In Ventanilla, between various persons needing potty breaks, Yesme picking up her daughter, and me needing to get change for the bus, we arrived back at the bus stop at different times. Those first there started bargaining for a taxi, which was asking half the price we paid to come. In a spontaneous movement, we started piling into the taxi in reaction to the low price. In this unexpected turn of events, two of the team members were left at the bus stop to return alone on the bus! This was inexcusable. As a team leader, I am sickened by the reality of what happened. When I realized there was not a taxi behind us for them to get into, we were already speeding down the highway. I was afraid if I went back they would have already gotten into a cab or on a bus. I was also very upset that Hugo, a man, would get into a taxi before all the women were in. We tried to call them but could not get through on the cell phones. When I arrived back in Lima, I called Maria Elena’s home and talked with her sister. We were deciding what to do, when Maria Elena walked in. (Team Rule, we stay together, if we are dividing up into two groups for the sake of transportation the male/men stay behind until all the women have secure rides).

I was able to contact Mili by phone in the morning and asked her forgiveness. I have to wait to talk with Maria Elena through a translator. I can not believe this happened; I am still not sure how it happened. Everything seems to have been in slow motion and out of my control. This is one of my greatest failures as a leader. I have never before put a team member in jeopardy, and I pray it will never happen again. I am grateful for Mili’s gracious forgiveness, and hope that Maria Elena will also forgive me.

Although anything that could go wrong did go wrong, yet we still ran the program! The children seemed to enjoy it, and from the discussions at the table, they understood the message. The Lord is so faithful!



September 30, 2008:  Canete, Peru

Canete is one of the areas hit by the earthquake of August 2007. Today the town is a patchwork of new construction, incomplete restoration, and empty spaces with rubble piled where a building once stood. Canete is a mixture of hope and despair, of building and tearing down, of residents giving up and leaving, and those who are taking the chance and returning.

The world has forgotten about the earthquake in Peru and has since chased after disasters in Asia and Africa. But for those natives of the area, Canete included, life continues incorporating into the present and future the scars of this trauma. Perseverance in spite of overwhelming impossibilities will now be a characteristic forever woven into the tapestry of the local population.

On the weekend of September 20th I visited Canete, for the first time. I was invited to speak at a woman’s conference on Saturday evening, and to do an interview on the local radio station Sunday morning. It had been an incredibly busy week in Lima and Pachacutec, so other than preparing for my talk, I had not thought a great deal about the town of Canete. Therefore, I was able to observe and experience Canete without a lens of preconceptions.

The hotel that Ivy (my translator) and Sandra (a student) and I stayed in will go down as one of my most memorable hotel visits (under infamous)! The only window in my room faced the inside corridor which led to other rooms (and who knows where else). The double bed was set in an alcove with just enough room on one side for me to stand. Since the paint was very dark terracotta, it had the feel of entering into a cave. To the left, as I entered, there was a plastic chair (that appeared to have been white once long ago), and further ahead to the right was the bathroom entrance.

The bathroom was interesting. There was no door, a drape hung on a rod, and was folded over the top so one could enter (the drape was so filthy that I never did have it dropped down). The toilet was fascinating, it was not attached, and there was a huge crack along the base. When sat upon it moved forward and one had to brace one’s self by placing a hand on the wall immediately in front (standing space only between the toilet and the wall).

The bed caved into the middle, from both sides, and if I am not mistaken, was shared with more permanent residents (the biting kind). There was a top sheet and two blankets, but I was still cold through the night. The bumpy pillow offered little support and had a strange smell. In fact, the room had a strong odor that I was unable to identify. All of this would have been surmountable, after all they were recovering from a devastating earthquake, but the other guests made it impossible to get a moment of sleep!

A city gas line was being put in Canete and the men working on it were staying in this hotel. Saturday night was evidently party night, and the happening place to be was in the rooms up and down the corridor which my only window opened onto!!!

With all that said, my time in Canete was a blessing. The women that I spoke to were lovely. Although they had worked all day, and then taken care of their family needs, they still made the effort to attend the conference. I spoke on the image of God as reflected in relationships, and taught from Genesis 3 and 4.

The following morning I was interviewed on a local radio talk show for two hours. Ivy, translated and did a wonderful job. The interviewer asked good questions and the studio environment was comfortable. From the radio station, we went directly to the bus station, and returned to Lima. We all had evening appointments, I with the Pachacutec team, and they with the New Believers meeting, so we were anxious to get home and hopefully catch a little nap since we were all sleep deprived—didn’t happen!

Please pray for the people of Canete, for their continued recovery from such a disaster. Also pray for the church there, that they will be strengthened in their faith and encouraged by the love of our Lord.



October 5, 2008:  Visa Venture

The seemingly endless visa venture began on January 30, 2008. I drove up from Vegas to Long Beach. Rita, one of my dearest and oldest friends, lives in Long Beach; she agreed to take me into the Peruvian Consul in Los Angles. This was to be a simple procedure, taking one month. In theory, the paperwork would be completed before I left for Peru (March 30), and I would get the necessary residence stamp in my passport in Los Angles prior to that departure.

Most countries require a residence visa for anyone who will be working in their country. Since I am teaching at the Bible College, and at churches, I need to have a resident visa. It is similar to the Green Card the USA issues to foreign residents.

My efforts to obtain this visa were thwarted from the onset! On the morning of January 30th, on the way to the Consul, I had to stop at a Kinko’s to make an "exact copy" of my passport (to be presented to the Consul in LA). The clerk at Kinko’s denied my request stating that it was illegal to make exact copies of passports, and he could therefore not do it. After much discussion, he agreed that I could break the law myself and make the copies.

With much difficulty, I figured out how to work the very modern copy machine and was retrieving my copies when a shrieking voice broke my concentration. "Are you making copies of your passport?" she demanded, then continued to shout, "You are breaking a Federal Law (words emphasized). You can’t do that; you are breaking the law!"

Well, far-be-it for me to break a law, but the consul wanted an exact copy, and it was my passport, so on impulse, and in fear she would snatch my precious copies, I grabbed them and ran from the store. Rita was waiting in the car, and I encouraged her to get moving fast before the over zealous clerk came after me, or worse yet called the Federal Police!

By the time we pulled into the parking lot in LA I had calmed down enough to begin to put the papers in order. It was then that I realized I had left my passport in the copy machine at Kinko’s! I had been so afraid of losing the copies, I had left the original!!!! (There must be a spiritual lesson in there).

I called Kinko’s, yes they had found the passport, and yes, they would hold it for me (and no they had not called the police!). The process that morning did not require the original passport, so I was able to complete the forms, and pay a fee ($15) and leave (after a two hour wait). Of course, the next stop was Kinko’s to pick up my passport, then on to FedEx to overnight the forms to Peru.

As I was organizing the forms, and checking the list of what needed to be sent, I realized that I had missed one of the instructions on the list, which required another trip into LA to the consul!!! Rita was gracious and took me in again the following morning. Then we went to FedEx, and I sent off the forms ($70). In theory, the paperwork would be completed in Peru, and I would make one more trip into LA for a stamp in my passport, which would enable me to get the necessary resident visa. In reality, the paperwork was not completed, so when I arrived in Peru I would need to make a trip to Chili for the stamp. But everything would be okay; it was just a little change in plans.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Lima Peru, has staff that take care of all the paperwork and office visits in regard to visas for the new missionaries. I would check with Mesod (the Calvary staff) on a regular basis, and on a regular basis, he would assure me that my paperwork would be completed soon. At first I was not concerned. I knew I would need to make a trip to Chili, and since I had just arrived in Peru, I was in no hurry to take an 18 hour bus trip to another country. Upon arrival in Peru I had received a 90-day visa, and I was certain that all the paperwork would be completed within three months (one would think).

…….90 days came…had to pay $30 to extend my visa because the paperwork was not complete…in theory it would be soon….

In the mean time I decided it would be a good time to renew my passport, since it expired in December. The resident visa for Peru is renewed annually; that would mean I would need to complete more paperwork when I got my new passport if I waited until December. The US Embassy is about half a hour to 45 minute drive from where I live. This trip had to be made by taxi, because by bus, I would pass through some very dangerous neighborhoods, and it was not wise for me to do so (I was instructed). So, a taxi it was ($10 round trip) to the Embassy, stopping first to get passport picture ($8), then returning in three weeks to pick up new passport ($10 taxi). This part of the venture went smoothly. But now there was a need to change my passport number on the paperwork the Peruvian government offices were processing.

On the morning of June 27 (Friday) after staff devotions, Mesod informed me that I needed to give him 90 solis (Peruvian money) and $10 US dollars for the "paperwork", and that on Wednesday, I would be traveling to Chili with three other staff members (two young women and one man). I will not go into detail about how inconvenient this particular date was for me suffice it to say, I had no choice!

The ministry here has had a lot of experience with the various bus companies in Peru, and so we were to be traveling on the best available. I insisted on going first class because of my health issues resulting from 7 car accidents (I was only the driver twice and both times I was stopped at a red light and rear ended. The other 5 times I was a passenger, once I was hit by two buses!) In any case, the bus we were traveling was a double decker. The bottom part of the bus is divided into thirds, the front third is for the two drivers. It has their seats and a sleeping compartment. The center of the bottom is the port of entry, there is a bathroom directly in front as you enter, steps leading to the second deck are to the right, and to the left there is a closed door which leads to the "first class seats" (there are only 12). In the rear of the first level is the luggage compartment.

Since so many of you were praying for me and this trip, and I was traveling in relative comfort, the trip to Chili was good. I arrived a little tired but not in any pain. I picked up my bag at luggage, met with the other three and started the procedure of entering Chili.

This involved a visit to the Peruvian Customs office located in the bus station, they checked our passports collected a minimal fee (can’t remember the amount) and entrusted us into the care of our taxi (term used loosely) driver. We then rode together in an ancient gas guzzling contraption (that I think was an old Ford) to the next Peruvian Customs and Immigration checkpoint. Here we stood in a long line waiting to give our passports to a clerk to be stamped, went through the X-ray machine and returned to the taxi.

After an hour drive we arrived at the first Chili Immigration, line, stamp, X-ray, in the taxi again for about 20 minutes, another line, stamp, in taxi for about 20 minutes. Then we were dropped at a bus station in Arica Chili. From there we took a taxi, (fees shared by each) to the Peruvian Consul, where we completed more forms! And low and behold they did not have my new passport number! This threw a scare in me, but after some effort and the help of the computer, all was well. But, alas, one of our group did not have pictures! So, we all taxied with him to take pictures!

Our paperwork was completed, but we needed to return at 4PM to actually get our stamps. It was early afternoon, we needed to rent rooms, and get something to eat. I still had my suitcase with me, so the 20 minute walk and half hour wait in the sun was not a welcome distraction. Finally we met up with the pastor of Calvary Chapel Arica and were taken to a cheap hotel ($15). After a quick shower we all went to eat, returned to the Consul and picked up our passports. This one month process had ended up taking me 7 months and still was not over.

On Friday we taxied the same route and process in reverse back to Peru. At the ticket counter I was told there were no more first class seats available. I had to return via the "cattle car" upstairs. It would take another page to describe this roller coaster ride through the desert mountains of Peru; suffice it to say it was traumatic! When I arrived in Lima, I could barely walk. And I have been dealing with neck and back pain since! However, the ordeal was not yet over.

On the following Monday, the four of us had to have special pictures taken, front and side views; then visit the Evangelical Fellowship of Peru (umbrella organization for missionaries) pay fees, ($290 solis and $35) be fingerprinted and fill out more forms. Tuesday we went to Interpol: more forms, fingerprints (all and palms) dental record taken from our open mouths by a clerk, and more fees(can’t remember how much, not to mention the taxi fares to these offices). Finally, on Friday we taxied to the Peruvian office that in fact issues the long awaited resident card called a "carnet". More fingerprints, forms, photos, and at last I received my resident card!!!!

This was accomplished in 7 months, endless taxi trips, a trip to Chili and at about the cost of $400.



November 10, 2008:  See what the Lord has done!

Summary of first 7 months in Peru

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History and Geography (4 classes total): one two credit course for the Instituto Biblico (Spanish division of Calvary Chapel Bible College); one modified course for the staff; and two introductory (3 hours morning session, one morning each) classes for students who were taking Joshua and Life of Christ classes. I also taught a six-week Women’s Ministry class for the women at Calvary Chapel Chorrillos (half hour outside of Lima), and a four week class for a few women in Lima. Finally, a Children’s Ministry Class in Spanish division of CCBC Lima, with an optional internship program.


The Image of God introductory level at Canete (2 ½ hours out of Lima) sponsored by a Calvary Chapel pastor, but open to all the churches in the area.


Two hour radio interview in Canete. This was a wonderful opportunity to share about the internship program through the Instituto Biblico in Lima.

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM (Children’s Ministry class is a prerequisite)

Each intern is a team member with responsibilities for the program in Pachacutec. In addition they are required to JOURNAL; the journal is used for a debriefing following the Saturday session, and should include observation and suggestions. PRAYER; meet during the week with team members to pray for project and children and WORKSHOPS; monthly workshops include drama, discipline, Christian ethics, arts and crafts, choir, Sunday school curriculum, organize and lead a workshop/seminar and possibly a conference.

Interns will receive a certificate from the Instituto Biblico upon completion of the program, and will serve as a resource to be sent out to other areas of Peru and South America upon request.

PACHACUTEC (in chronological order)

  • July 19/20 Following the Summer of Missions Outreach to Pachacutec, Rick Heilman was sharing with me and mentioned "there are thousands of kids in Pachacutec". The Lord continued to bring this phrase to mind as I prayed for children in Peru. During these times of prayer the Lord began to fill my heart with a vision to reach the children in Peru, and Pachacutec was the area that I was strongly impressed with as a starting point.

  • In early August, I shared my vision and burden with John Bonner; we discussed offering a class on Children’s Ministry through which a team could be recruited.

  • August 25-29 I taught an evening block class through the Instituto Biblico (there was standing room only!)

  • September 5 I met with Pastor Raul, pastor in Pachacutec, to present my vision for his approval and acceptance.

  • September 7 I met with the team of "interns" for the first time, (we met again on September 14 and 21 preparing for the program).

  • September 8 I visited Pachacutec for the first time.

  • September 9, we (Pastor Raul and I) located a facility for rent

  • September 11, 16, 24 negotiated with owner and signed lease. Equipment and supplies were purchased and the facility was cleaned and set up. This included making props for skits such as David’s shepherd’s staff, David’s harp, (painted gold with thin sticks for strings), and David’s sling shot!

  • September 27 the project began with the first session for the children. The actual program with the children went very well. There were multiple problems for the team with transportation and logistical issues before and after the session, BUT in the midst of all the unexpected the program for the children went as planned and was like an oasis of peace. October 25th was the final session of Phase One for this first group,

  • 19 children accepted the Lord !!!!!. November 1st was the graduation (they go on to Phase Two which is a New Believer’s Class for Children) and registration for the next 20 children coming into Phase One. The parents were invited to attend the graduation ceremony and 15 mothers came!


On Friday evenings I cook the evening meal for the Bible College. I enjoy this and especially enjoy getting to know the North American students who help in the kitchen for their M199. When I have a class that conflicts with this, there is a replacement for me.


Developing relationships over meals is wonderful, and I enjoy this very much. Over these past months I have "entertained" in this manner for staff, students, and visiting teachers on an average of once a week.


  • Chili for visa. This was quite an adventure and a successful trip. I received my residence visa and Peruvian identification card.

  • Canete for seminar.

  • Return to the US: On November 1st (after a full day at Pachacutec) I will take a red eye flight back to the states to spend Thanksgiving with my daughters and their families in Maryland. We cannot remember the last time we were all together on Thanksgiving, and I am very much looking forward to it! I expect to return to Peru around the 8th of December.



December 10, 2008:  Season's Greetings from the USA

I pray that during this Christmas season that you will be drawn into a greater understanding of Immanuel--God with us!!!!

Rejoice with me that 11 more children accepted the Lord in Pachacutec! What a joy and comfort to know that whatever lies ahead of them, the Lord will be their strength and guide.

The Christmas party for all of the children in the program, their siblings and their parents was on December 20th. The children have been learning songs and are very excited. For many of them this is their first Christmas party.

There were approximately 100 in attendance. Each household was given a Panettone (holiday fruit cake), a carton of milk, and some chocolate so they could make hot chocolate—their traditional drink for Christmas. The children also received toys that were donated by the faculty of a local university to whom we are very grateful.

The interns I am training through the Bible College are doing a wonderful job and are fully committed to ministering to children. When they complete their internship program, they will be such an incredible resource for the Bible College, and for all of Peru.

Thank you for your prayers and support. May the Lord’s peace reign in your hearts throughout this Christmas season.



JANUARY 2009:  Music Week in Pachacutec

Summer vacation in Peru begins when school lets out for Christmas and will continue through March. For the children in Pachacutec, the days are long and hot. The coastal winds stir up the sandy dirt, which seems to stick to all flesh and material! Due to the lack of indoor plumbing, long cool showers are not an option. The “endless days of summer” can be oppressive in Pachacutec. Yet, the Lord is faithful to reach out in love and offer a reprieve from these hot days.

The Music Week in Pachacutec was made possible through Paul Fitzgerald, a professional singer and musician, who traveled to Peru for the purpose of teaching the children how to play the recorder. What a blessing it was to see the children respond with enthusiasm. By the weeks end they had learned the notes for both hands, and could play two songs. The first song they learned was an instrumental, and the second was “God is Good”.

On the final day the children were divided into groups, one group played the recorder and the other sang the song, then they alternated. It was glorious! What a blessing it was to witness the children’s sense of accomplishment. Their little faces declared “Yes! We did it!”

Coming Events

  • Arts and Crafts Week

  • Day trip to a swimming pool

  • Conferences


  • That the Arts and Crafts Week would be a blessing for all and that the children would have a greater sense of the Father’s love for them.

  • Safety for the bus trip and the time in the pool

  • The Children’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry conferences the team and I will be teaching in four different regions of Peru.

Thank you for your prayers!



FEBRUARY 2009:  Blessed Conferences

Although February is still considered summer here in Peru, the early mornings in Pachacutec were pleasant, not cool, but comfortable. Dee Kelly, from the states, came to teach the children Arts and Crafts in our final program for the summer.

The children loved working with the paints, glue, and cut outs.

Each of the crafts Dee taught was related to a Bible story, so the children made a craft, heard the story, and then learned how to tell the story to their younger siblings and neighbors.  Nine children accepted the Lord, and that of course, is the greatest joy!


The Children’s Ministry Conferences are multi-purposed:  they serve as further training for the interns (as it gives them experience in teaching other leaders), it is training for the participants (local Children’s Ministry Leaders), and the conferences serve as an outreach to local children—in the afternoons the participants apply what they learned in the mornings by working with children—the conferences are also accredited by the Bible College and can be taken for credit at satellite campuses. We have three scheduled conferences; our first was in Iquitos (a satellite campus).


Iquitos is an island city in the middle of the jungle. It is only accessible by air or by riverboat. We flew in from Lima. Our contact, Albert Smith (Calvary Chapel Murrieta), has been ministering in Iquitos for five years. The conference was held in the Calvary Chapel that Albert planted. The participants were leaders from his church, and a Baptist Church with whom Albert has close fellowship.

The conference began on Monday morning and ended Friday afternoon. The team of interns and Dee Kelly (she joined us for this conference) did an excellent job. They communicated effectively and the participants remained engaged (in spite of the heat! Iquitos is very hot!). Thirteen children accepted the Lord in Iquitos!!!


The Christian Counseling conference (also accredited through the Bible College) was held Friday evening and all day Saturday. I taught through a translator. It was well attended, and many women shared that they were blessed!


  • Please pray for the Lord to guard the seeds that have been planted in the hearts of the children, especially for those who gave their hearts to him.

  • The next conference is in Arequipa (April) pray for the interns who will be teaching.

  • I will be traveling alone by bus to Ecuador and Columbia. In Columbia, I will be teaching a women’s conference. Pray for protection, and that I can access the Spanish that I have studied!!!!!



MARCH 2009:  Unexpected Surprises in Catagena, Cali and Peru

My trip through Ecuador and Columbia via local buses was wonderful, and full of unexpected surprises! The Lord gave many ministry opportunities in Columbia, in addition to the women’s conference, I was initially going for.

Catagena:  I taught two Women’s Conferences in the Calvary Chapels there. The first was in a barrio developed by refugees from the countryside. These women were so sweet, and hungry! The second conference was for the women in Calvary Chapel Cartagena, two other churches joined with this conference, this also was a blessed time.

Cali:  Again, I taught two Women’s Conferences, the first was at a new church plant in Jamundi, and the second was in the Calvary Chapel in Cali. In addition, I also taught at two women’s home Bible study groups, a Children’s Ministry seminar, and on the Passover Feast, I also shared at two staff devotions.

Lima:  Since my return on (April 6th) I have been focused on the next conference the Children’s Ministry team and I will be doing in Arequipa Peru. We leave on the 18th returning on the 25th.


Travel mercy to and from Arequipa.

For Carlos and Jenny as they will have the major teaching responsibility.

Wisdom and sensitivity to the leading of the Lord.



APRIL, 2009:  Many children receive Jesus as their Savior in Arequipa

Walking around the Andes city of Arequipa in Southern Peru, one can see the beautiful snow-capped volcanoes El Misti, Chachani, and Pichu Pichu from almost every corner. Their breath taking presence inspires greatness and stimulates ones imagination. Arequipa is also known as the “White City”, a reference to the pearly white volcanic rock (sillar) used in many buildings. Within this setting, there is a small Calvary Chapel where we taught a Children’s Ministry Conference and Women’s Conference throughout the week of April 19-26.

Jenny Prado and Carlos Vera were the participating team members for this conference. We were also joined by Albert Smith, a missionary from Calvary Chapel Murrieta. All three did an incredible job!!!! Their lectures were clear and concise, and in the afternoons they supervised their students (church Sunday School leaders) as they practically applied what they learned with 20 children from a neighborhood homework center. Of course, the highlight of the week for all, was when the majority of the children responded to the invitation to receive Jesus in their hearts!


At church on Sunday, after the conference, the leader of the Sunday School shared with me that he had already begun to implement some of what he had learned during the conference, and told me that he planned to use the programs he learned as an outreach in another part of the city. Many of the participants shared that as a result of the week together; they had a better understanding of the importance of the children in the church. Also, several women shared with me how the Lord had touched them through the women’s Bible study time we had together. It was a blessing, and an encouragement to hear these testimonies.

On Saturday, May 2nd, the team and I will travel to Huanaco for our final conference.



  • Travel mercies

  • Conference participants

  • The team as they teach



MAY-JUNE, 2009Children's Ministry Intern graduate-team ministers in Haunaco, Peru

     Haunaco, located in Central Peru, has a rough topography comprised of the Sierra and High Jungle regions.  In order to get to this city from Lima, the team and I had to take an overnight bus which traversed the highest Andes pass in Peru.  To prevent altitude sickness, which we were told everyone gets, we took pills resulting in a good night sleep for all!

     This was the last Children’s Ministry Conference for the team as “interns”. They had total responsibility from packing the materials to every detail involved in putting on the conference.  They did a fantastic job!  I was so proud of them.  During the week, the Lord poured out His Spirit in a special way, and “commissioned” them to go into the most remote areas of Peru.  It was such a special time of prayer.  We all cried, because we were all so blessed.

     Hugo (the most senior team member) has long had a burden to go to Bagua Grande Amazonas: a remote area of Peru referred to as the place “where God has not arrived”.  He has shared his burden and vision with the team, and they are praying about making this their first mission trip as graduates!

     On May 14th, I had the awesome privilege of presenting each of the “interns” the certificates they earned for completing the nine months of training.  This was a part of the Bible College Graduation Ceremony which made it very special.

     The Women’s Conference, which I taught in Haunaco, was also a blessing.  The pastor’s wife was especially blessed, and several women shared how the Lord had touched them.  All in all, it was a great week, and I praise the Lord for all His blessings!

     On June 17th, I will arrive in Las Vegas, and shortly thereafter travel to California.  I will be in the states for a month, during which time, I will be meeting with the mission pastors of my supporting churches, sharing with them the “next step in faith” that the Lord has put on my heart.


  • Team:  For open doors “where God has not arrived”.

  • Travel mercies for me.



October, 2009Sunday School in Cali studies Nehemiah; and Leona lunches with Fabio & Marco

The Lord, as always, has been faithful in strengthening, encouraging and providing for me—praise His name!

Children’s Ministry

     You may remember that I taught a half-day seminar in the use of New Believers for a Children’s program. I did this in Spanish (amazing!).  Don’t be too impressed, the material was already translated!  Anyway, Saturday the church in Jamundi started the program, and Claudia (Children’s Ministry Director) reported that it was a blessing for her as well as for the children, she was very encouraged (as was I to hear the report!).

     The Sunday School in Cali started the Nehemiah study that I wrote.  This happened because Claudia shared how she loved the book of Nehemiah.  She wanted to teach it to the children, so I developed the crafts and outlined the lessons (kind of like a lesson plan).  Again, the report was that it was a blessing, and the crafts really helped the children focus on the lesson.  They will begin Nehemiah in Jamundi on Thursday evenings beginning this week.

     Upon my return from an eight day trip to Lima Peru, I received the very sad news that Laura, a seven year old girl in Jamundi who had cancer, had gone to be with the Lord.  Please pray for Laura’s family, her mother is a believer, but her father is not.

Women’s Ministry

     A part of what I believe I am called to do here in Colombia is train the women’s leadership team in Biblical Counseling, and develop a manual for their use in training other women.  Karol, Pastor Luis’s wife, and I have begun to meet; our time together has been a blessing.  Please pray that we will be directed by the Holy Spirit as we work together on this project.

Jewish Holy Days and Customs

     Pastor Luis is working on a text book/manual on this topic for the use in Bible Colleges, and as a reference for other pastors.  Since I have a bit of a background in this we have been meeting to brainstorm and discuss this project.  It has been such a blessing for me to see the way the Lord inspires Luis as he relates Jewish customs to the teachings of Jesus.  Please pray the Lord will continue to direct Luis’s thoughts so that the finished product will be a blessing to many.

In and Around Jamundi

     I have had several opportunities to share with Luz Helen (previously mentioned) and with several other women on my street.  This is with very limited Spanish!  I am excited about further developing these relationships, and am planning an American Thanksgiving event in November.  I would appreciate your prayers for the resources and that I will invite exactly those who have a hunger to know God.  Also, you may remember Fabio from my journal “Not So Handy Handymen”.  He worked on my plumbing problem.  He and his partner continued to work on the house up the street for another week after he fixed my sink, so I prepared lunch (main meal of the day here) for them everyday.  Of course the purpose was to share since they both claimed to have made some commitment to the Lord in the very distant past. I gave them CDs to listen to and invited them to church, but somehow they never got around to listening to all of the CDs and they never showed up for church…until….Sunday during worship (church in Cali) someone tapped me on the shoulder, and there stood Fabio!!!!!!!  He shared for sometime after church with Pastor Luis, and met Jorge (Men’s Pastor).  He said he would be coming again.  This Friday I have invited Fabio and his family, Marco (his partner) and his family, and a missionary enroute to Ecuador and his family, as well as Pastor Luis, and another elder from the church with their families (13 adults and five children) for dinner. My desire is to see contact established so that Marco, and both of the wives (neither of whom are believers) would join Fabio in attending church.

Trip to Lima Peru

     The purpose of the trip was to apply for a resident visa for Colombia.  There were some unexpected complications, and we need to work on the documentation and the exact type of visa we are requesting. However, the Lord redeemed the time, and in addition to times of sharing, I was also able to go paragliding!!!!!!!! The Lord is so awesome!!!!!!!!!


  • The family of Laura
  • Biblical Counseling and Jewish Holy Days and Customs projects
  • Women on my street; for continued opportunities to share; the Thanksgiving event
  • Fabio and Marco and their families
  • Details concerning the visa



NOVEMBER, 2009:  Thanksgiving luncheon--a feast for the soul

     The Thanksgiving Luncheon for the women on my street took up most of my thoughts and energy this month, but it was well worth it.  I wanted to have a luncheon to introduce the women to Claudia, Pastor Hernando’s wife.  The hope was that then some of the women would come to the Bible studies at the church. Also, it would open the door for Claudia to visit them.  I prepared a feast that was enjoyed by all!

     Two women were especially ministered to during the time of sharing (between the main course and dessert).  Several asked questions that reflected a hunger in their hearts, and all were so blessed by the time of sharing that they were reluctant to leave!  We were all crowded (14) in my small living room in the heat of the afternoon (no air-conditioning here), and they stayed until almost five o’clock!  What a blessing!

     During this month, I have also taught seminars at the church (Christian Counseling Biblical Perspective), and have had several opportunities to counsel and pray with several of my neighbors.


  • Margot: That the seed planted will grow and that she will make a choice to live for the Lord.

  • Angel: That the Lord would draw her by the power of His love, that she would choose to believe the truth and to walk in the truth.

  • Tino and Adriana: That they would know the comfort of the Lord in this time of loss, also, that Tino would accept the Lord and make a commitment to live to please God.

  • Please pray for the Christmas activities that Hernando and Claudia are planning for the church here in Jamundi.

  • Pastor Luis and Karol: Their new son is due to arrive (may have already been born); please pray that the Lord will provide for all their needs.



JANUARY, 2010:  New Bible College in Cali

Grupo de Muyeres Manzana E

     Saturday January 23rd was the first monthly meeting for the women on my street (and two women from the next street).  We studied and discussed the first chapter in the book A Su Imagen (a study of the family of Adam and Eve).  It was a beautiful time of sweet fellowship.  The majority of these women are Catholic, two are very strong Catholics.  They would not go to the church for a Bible Study, but because we are neighbors, and the Lord has given me favor with them, they will come to my house.  The unstated goal of these studies is to agree that the Bible is the ultimate authority (not a religion) and this will be the basis on which Hernando and Claudia can share and discuss with them.  Of course the ultimate goal is for these women to enter into a personal relationship with the Lord.

     A side-effect of my relationship with these women and the Grupo Muyeres is that these strong Catholic neighbors are not complaining about the church which is located in a house on this street (corner on the opposite end).  Siglo 21 Jamundi (our barrio) is a small residential community, and if they complained about the church, we would not be able to continue to meet.

Los Viernes  Juegos

     Friday evening January 26 was the first Game Night for children between the ages of 11-13.  Shirley (a member of the church here in Jamundi) works/plays directly with the children.  I am hosting in my house and provide refreshments.  The goal is for a youth group to develop from this.  Shirley has a desire to work with this age group, and she is very good with them.  This group will gather every Friday evening.

Teen Soccer Team

     Tonight (February 4, 2010) will be the first official meeting for the teen soccer.  I have had a burden to see something started for the teens, and so when a short term missions team participant (due to arrive here in April) shared that she was a soccer coach, I got to work.  I have always talked with the kids when they pass by my house, so I asked them if they were interested in forming a soccer team.  Then I asked several men from the church in Jamundi, and one from Cali to coach the team. Basically, I have been networking.  Everything seems to be coming together and tonight all the boys (from this barrio and a neighboring one) will meet with Pastor Hernando and the coaches.  I will serve refreshments.  Again, the hope is to see these teens enter into a relationship with the Lord and develop a Teen Ministry in the church.


Instituto Biblica

     The church in Cali has started a Bible College.  This is very exciting for everyone! You may remember that Pastor Luis and I have been meeting to discuss the details and contents of a textbook he is writing on Jewish Holidays and Customs.  He will be teaching this course in the Bible College (dates not yet set) and that will be very good experience to further the work on this book.  Pastor Luis and I continue to meet, however, not as frequently as we originally planned.

     Also: I will be teaching History and Geography of Israel in March.

Children’s Material

     I completed writing a study guide with suggested crafts for the book of Esther. Currently the Sunday School in Cali is using this material. They have completed the Nehemiah program that I wrote and from the reports I have received the teachers and students were blessed (God’s word never comes back void!).  The church in Jamundi is now using the Nehemiah study, and will continue with Esther when they are finished.  In Jamundi they also completed the New Believers for Children and had a wonderful graduation, inviting the parents.  At this meeting, one of the mother’s accepted the Lord.

In the Neighborhood

     Tino and Adriana: It has been four months since their daughter went to be with the Lord.  The church has been very supportive through this time of grief, and Tino (he accepted the Lord December 4th) has been attending church (Adriana has always attended).  The Lord has given me many opportunities to share with Tino and with them as a couple, and I was able to give Tino a Spanish Bible that a friend from the states sent me.

     Margoth attended church on Saturday and was very attentive and interested in the message (study in Acts).  She accepted the Lord many months ago when she brought her granddaughter here for prayer.  She has not been attending church due to family issues and responsibilities, so I was delighted to see her this week.

     Diana is a lady I spoke to when I was passing her house in the next neighborhood. The second time I visited her, I took Hernando and Claudia with me. Diana shared that she and her husband have an interest in studying the Bible.  When Claudia told her I was a missionary and that I had written a study book for women, Diana asked me to come and teach her.  Yesterday I gave her a copy of A Su Imagen and invited her to church.  She told me she planned to come to the study that Claudia is teaching (using A Su Imagen) on Friday evenings.



  • First Saturday: Children Ministry Seminar in Cali
  • Second Saturday: Women’s Study in Jamundi
  • Third Saturday: Women’s Study in Cali


  1. Grupo de Muyeres - that the Lord will touch the hearts of these women and they would desire to know what the Word of God teaches.
  2. Game Night - that Shirley would be able to establish a good relationship with these children and have opportunities to share the Lord.
  3. Teen Soccer - for the logistics to come together.
  4. Pastor Luis - that the Lord will continue to inspire and direct him with all that he is doing and especially the writing of this textbook.
  5. Tino and Adriana - for comfort thru this time of sorrow and that they would both grow in the Lord
  6. Margoth - that she would have a hunger and thirst for the study of the Word!




FEBRUARY-MARCH, 2010:   Teaching History & Geography at the Bible College in Cali

Grupo de Muyeres Manzana E

     The meetings in February and March went very well; the women enjoy the fellowship and seem to be interested in the Bible study.  In February, we discussed Hagar, and were especially interested in the record of the Lord meeting with and ministering to her although she was just a slave girl.  This past Saturday (March 13) we discussed the relationship of Jacob and Esau, and the pain involved when parents have favorites.  I then shared from John 3:1-6 and asked the women to share, if they could, exactly when they were born again.  It was an interesting time since several of them did not care to share, and of those who did, they did not have a reference point.  This is what I wanted them to see, and I pray that it will cause them to question exactly what their relationship is with the Living God (not a religion)!

Los Viernes Juegos

     This did not take off in the way I had hoped it would.  There were several boys who came faithfully, but the young woman from the church who was working with them had some physical problems, and also the time she was able to come was too early for most of the children.  Here the schools have morning and afternoon sessions, so some children do not arrive home until 6:30 p.m.  So the idea is being set aside until the Lord raises someone up that has the burden and the time for this age group.

Teen Soccer Team

     There has been a very positive response to this, and Jefferson (from Calvary Cali) has been playing with the boys on a regular basis.  After the game on Fridays, Hernando, the pastor of Calvary Jamundi, has a Bible Study with them.

Working Teens

     Unfortunately, the older teen boys, and a few of them that are in their early teens have not been able to play soccer.  They work seven days a week, and try to take classes in the evenings.  But it seems they are so tired in the evenings that they do not always make it to class.  There are about eight of these boys who stop by my house.  Sometimes they stop and ask for water then stay and chat.  At other times, they just pass by to say hello.  On occasion I have something I have baked so they enjoy a treat.  These are such nice boys and my heart goes out to them.  I long for them to know the Lord so He can be the Master of their fate!


Instituto Biblica

     The History and Geography class I am teaching in Cali is going very well.  There was an impressive registration, and there seems to be late comers who are interested in sitting in on the class.  Pastor Luis translates for me, and he will teach the class on Jewish Holidays.  You may recall that Luis was working on putting together a textbook on ancient Israel. I am very sad to share that his computer was stolen, and all his notes were on it!!!  He did not have a back up or a hard copy!

Children’s Material

     The Sunday School class in Cali is finishing the book of Esther and on March 21st they will present a skit at Sunday morning service.  Claudia shared with me some very precious moments she has had with several of the children while teaching this book.  I taught a workshop for the Sunday School teachers in Cali: teaching them how to develop lessons around the theme of a book and to develop crafts that will also support the theme.  We used the book of Habakkuk for this.  In April they will be putting it into practice by teaching this Habakkuk in the Sunday school.

In the Neighborhood

     There are now five couples from the neighborhood attending the church here in Jamundi.  They are blessed by Hernando’s teaching, and they are hungry for the Word!

     Tino and Adriana are working through the loss of their daughter.  It has been almost six months now.  They continue to attend the Bible studies and the heavy sorrow seems to be lifting.

     Margoth has not been attending church, but has stopped by.

     Esneda stopped attending the women’s group in my house.  She has stated that she thinks I am trying to get all of them to attend the church, and that the Catholic Church is the only true church.  It saddens me, but I rejoice that this has not deterred the other women from coming!

     I continue to be “on-call” so to speak.  Almost daily someone will drop by for advice or counsel on some matter.  Usually it is one of the women, but on Friday a young man from Cali (he was visiting his mother) came and stayed for four hours!  It seems the pastor of the church he attends is a dictator who gets angry if he is not obeyed.  I told him that I could not advise him what to do (there were other issues also), but that the Lord would direct him.  I encouraged him to consider the character of God, and to see how these issues lined up (or not) with the character and the Word of God.  I also invited him to sit in on my class in Cali.  My hope is that in so doing, he will connect with Pastor Luis who is a very wise counselor.



  • Women’s Study in Jamundi and Cali
  • History and Geography of the Holy Land (Bible College in Cali)
  • Team from Murrieta (first week in April)


  1. Grupo de Muyeres - that each of these women would enter into a personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. Teen Soccer - for the Bible study that Hernando is teaching, that they will be ministered to and that each of them will have a relationship with the Lord!!!
  3. Elizabeth is a soccer coach coming in April from Murrieta; please pray that this will be a fruitful time and a blessing for her.
  4. Donna is also coming in April and will be teaching/sharing with women, pray that the Lord anoints her with His message.
  5. Pastor Luis, the loss of his computer has been a challenge especially since there are no funds to replace it! Please pray that the Lord will provide.
  6. Me - I have been having some health issues. Please pray the Lord will continue to direct, guide and purify me so that I will be a vessel He can use.



APRIL-MAY, 2010:  First Women's Bible Study Begins in Jamundi

Grupo de Muyeres:

     Manzana E: In April, Donna Hansen (CC Murrieta) was here and she taught (in beautiful Spanish) the women’s group that meets in my house.  All the women were blessed and hope that she will return in the future!  Throughout April, and so far in May, I have been concentrating on three women in particular: Gloria, Rosa and Marina.  We have had several meals and coffee-times together, and the fellowship has been sweet.  I have given them Bible study CDs (and they have listened to them!) and have had many opportunities to answer questions they have had about the Bible.  Each of these women has difficult circumstances in their lives; it is my prayer that they would be able to cast all their cares upon Him and know that He cares for them.

     Cali: It has been a blessing to teach at the Women’s Bible Study in Calvary Chapel Cali.  In April, I taught the book of Obadiah.  After the study several women shared with me that the Lord had touched them in a special way through this book.  In May I will teach the book of Ruth.  I love this book, and I pray the study will greatly bless the women.

     Jamundi: The church in Jamundi will have its first Women’s Bible Study.  I am so excited.  I have been praying for this and encouraging Claudia to step out in faith and now in His perfect timing it is happening this Friday!  Claudia has given me the honor of teaching at this first meeting.  I will be teaching the book of Jonah.  AND instead of having the monthly meeting in my home, I will be inviting the women to attend this historic event!  I cannot express the excitement I have that the church will be having a regular women’s Bible study. Praise the Lord!

     Teen Soccer:  April was a big month for the boys who play soccer because Elizabeth Klauer (Murrieta) came.  She is a soccer coach, and she played soccer with the boys and brought them beautiful team shirts!  This youth group seems to be doing great. They have a Bible study on Tuesdays with Pastor Hernando, and on Fridays they play soccer with Lucho.

Children’s Material:  Both Sunday Schools have completed the book of Habakkuk. It has been such a special blessing to help develop the Sunday School material for both these churches.  In April Hernando, Claudia and I met to plan for the VBS for this summer.  We were able to plan the crafts and the classes for both churches.

In The Neighborhood:

     Tino and Adriana have had another loss. Last month Adriana discovered she was pregnant, and they were elated, but several weeks later she lost the baby (it has only been 8 months since their only child lost her battle with cancer).  This new loss has been devastating for them, especially Tino.

     Esneda: has not returned to the women’s meetings.  It is very sad, especially now because her daughter (who is a university student) is pregnant (unmarried) and this is heart breaking for Esneda.  I regret that she will not know the comfort of women supporting her through a trial such as this.  Of course, we are praying for her and trust the Lord will use this in her life.

     Amanda: has returned home (last month) after being in the hospital for a month and recovering in Cali for another month.  We were all glad to see her.  She is still very weak, but is on the road to recovery.  Thank you for your prayers.

     CC Jamundi:  The church here is growing under Pastor Hernando’s teaching.  It is such a blessing for me to observe the joy with which these new believers receive the Word.  I remember when I was a new believer sitting under Pastor Chuck’s teaching. I can remember the first time I went through the Bible with Pastor Chuck thinking, at almost every study, I didn’t know that was in the Bible.  What a thrill it was to receive understanding of His Word! (still is!).  Now to watch, as Pastor Hernando teaches, the hunger with which the fellowship here receives is an awesome blessing! The church continues to grow; there are now 12 people from this street attending the church!!!!!

     Instituto Biblica:  The Bible College at the church in Cali is growing.  It is fantastic to see what the Lord has done as Pastor Luis has stepped out in faith.  I taught the History and Geography of the Holy Land class, and it was a wonderful blessing.  The students were serious and worked diligently to complete the assignments.

JUNE:  Within weeks now I will be returning to the states; my one year commitment will come to an end.  It has been such a wonderful ministry experience—it will be difficult to leave.  What a privilege it has been to serve the Lord in Colombia!

Please pray for:

  1. The new Women’s Study in Jamundi; wisdom, direction…

  2. Teen Soccer for these boys, and their parents to begin to regularly attend the Bible Studies at the church.

  3. Tino and Adriana healing for the loss of this baby.

  4. Amanda to regain her strength and health.

  5. Pastors Luis and Hernando: strength, wisdom.

  6. Me: transition time



MAY, 2010:  Colombia Summary Report

My stated goals for Colombia were:

1.    Improve Spanish language skills

2.    Train leaders; children’s programs, women’s counseling,

3.    Work with Pastor Luis on a textbook for Israeli culture

4.    Help church in Jamundi logistically

     Spanish Language Skills

     My hope was to become fluent in Spanish so that I could teach in Spanish. This is an unfulfilled desire. While my Spanish improved greatly, it is far from fluent. In my neighborhood there were only two people who spoke English, and they were not available 99% of the time, so I was forced to speak Spanish. I interacted on a daily basis, was able to share the Lord (actually lead one woman to the Lord), and answer questions pertaining to the difference between Catholicism and what I believed, and the scriptural use of the gifts, but my Spanish is very poor. I cannot conjugate the verbs while having a conversation, so I do not use the proper tenses. This makes communication difficult. I did teach two classes in Spanish; a New Believers for Children program which was a half day training session, and one month (when a translator was not available) I taught the monthly women’s group Bible Study.

     When the Lord spoke to me to study Spanish (at the Missions Conference 2005) I believed He spoke to my heart that I would be able to teach in Spanish. The two classes I taught do not qualify (as far as I am concerned) because my Spanish was so poor.

     Leadership Training

          Children’s Programs I taught 4 workshops for leaders of the Jamundi and Cali churches; Assisted in the development of Sunday Curriculum and programs that involved the congregation, and the VBS program.  I was not able to train in the use of the Confident Kids Program, which was one of my goals. The greater need was for the development of Sunday School Curriculum and Programs.

          Women’s Counseling my goal was to train the women’s leadership team in Cali to teach Christian Counseling Conferences. This was not possible; I did meet with Karol (Pastor Luis’s wife and women’s ministry leader) several times, these meetings were kind of a personal workshop. The greater need was to teach the monthly women’s study for Karol as she had a newborn baby and a toddler to care for; I taught these studies for four months.

     Pastor Luis Textbook

     Pastor Luis and I met regularly to discuss Jewish holidays and culture. I also hosted an Eriv Shabbat dinner every Friday (August thru November). Pastor Luis has such an interesting way of relating Jewish holiday and culture to the Bible that it was exciting for me to work with him on this. Unfortunately, Pastor Luis’s computer was stolen, with it all the notes! However, I know all that information is in his memory and I believe in the Lord’s perfect timing Luis will draw on that as he writes the textbook.

     Logistics in Jamundi

     My desire was to clean and set up the church before the services in Jamundi. This was not possible. The church members living close by took over this responsibility, which was a better solution.

Unstated Goals

1.    Counseling Seminar in Calvary Chapel Jamundi (using Biblical principals in counseling)

2.    Thanksgiving Luncheon for women in the neighborhood Jamundi

3.    Monthly women’s fellowship and Bible study Jamundi

4.    Game Night preteens Jamundi

5.    Soccer Team teens Jamundi

6.    History and Geography class Cali

7.    A Su Imagen Padres Cali

Counseling Jamundi the class was well attended, as follow up the participants have gone thru A Su Imagen.

Thanksgiving Luncheon this was the first event I had for the women in the neighborhood of Jamundi, this initiated the monthly meetings. Monthly Bible studies were well attended by women on my street and on the next block. My goal was for the women (most were from a Catholic background) to agree that the Bible was the ultimate authority, and for women to attend monthly women’s meetings at the church in Jamundi (Claudia planned to start these meetings). Frequently questions arose, for example; praying to Mary, the use of spiritual gifts etc., I always used the Bible to answer these questions and the women accepted this with the exception of one woman who stopped attending the meetings. In May Claudia (Pastor Hernando’s wife) had the first Monthly Women’s Meeting at the church. I was blessed to be the teacher at this historical event, and all the women from my home group attended.

Game Night for preteens was not successful; the hours that the volunteer from the church was available did not work well for most of the preteens in the neighborhood.

Soccer Team These are teen boys that I would talk to as they passed my house, they were all interested in soccer, so I organized a team and recruited volunteers. This has been very successful; the boys play soccer once a week and meet with Pastor Hernando once a week for a Bible Study.

History and Geography class taught at the Bible College in Calvary Chapel Cali. In addition I am working on developing a Study Guide to go with the CD from the class, so that the Bible College can continue to offer this course.

A Su Imagen Padres I was a guest speaker for this program in the church in Cali.


The book A Su Imagen was so powerfully used in Colombia that I am amazed and happy that the cost of publishing was an investment in eternity. Another surprise for me was that the Lord had, in fact, placed me in that exact house so that I could introduce the neighbors to the church, many now attend and several were recently baptized.

It was my desire to stay in Colombia, I loved it there, and both pastors would have liked me to stay. The Lord, however, impressed me to leave when my year commitment was up. This was very difficult for me, but I rejoice that I was able to live and minister in Colombia.



October, 2010:  Ministering in Israel

   At four a.m. this morning, the Muslim's call to prayer echoed through the dark streets of Jerusalem—I also begin praying at this time for the lost here in this Holy Land!

   It has been one month since I arrived in Jerusalem—a month of getting used to the wall that separates the West Bank (Palestine) from Israel. I live within several feet of this: of once again, daily passing through check points, and of having all communication monitored (!!!!!!!). It has also been a month of rejoicing for the Lord’s faithfulness to those who know and serve Him here.

   I have been blessed to help in the opening of two major ministries for women: a coffee house (for women only) in Jerusalem, and a retreat house in Nazareth for Christian women in ministry. I am also teaching classes for women on the West Bank and in Jerusalem.

Please pray for:

1.    Travel and transportation passing through check points and driving on roads that are sometimes dangerous.

2.    Communication is very frustrating that emails do not get “sent” when I push the send button (about 90 % of the time!!!!!)

3.    The women attending the classes: that they will be touched by the love of the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers. I am sorry that what I can share is very limited, but trust that the Lord will direct you by His Holy Spirit as you pray for these needs.




September-December Report, 2010:  Summary of ministry while in Israel

   Blessed are the flexible!!!!!!

   This seems to be the theme for my life! Once again I arrived in a country with a “plan”.  And once again, my plans were changed and my steps re-directed by the Lord.  And, once again, the unexpected was a greater blessing.  I praise the Lord for all the unexpected divine encounters and ministry opportunities He has engineered over these last months in 2010!  I pray that the following report will be a blessing for you who have prayed for me, and that it will encourage you to embrace the unexpected!  And, may this Christmas be a time when you are in awe of a Creator God who, at the time of creation, set a star in the heavens that would appear thousands of years later over a stable in Bethlehem, right on time!!!!!!

Biblical Counseling Self- Confrontation:

   The plans to teach Biblical Counseling Self-Confrontation were not realized due to the political situation, which affected travel.  This course requires consistency and a high level of commitment.  The current circumstances in East Jerusalem and the West Bank render it almost impossible to plan a three month course with hope of completing it within five months! I gave the text books I brought with me for this course to the leaders here.  It is our hope that they will complete the course themselves through self directed study, and then be able to teach it to smaller groups that have the potential of being better able to meet regularly.  The previous students of Calvary Chapel Bible College East Jerusalem have all taken this course, so they are an available resource should there be difficulty in understanding portions of the material.


   Biblical Counseling: these were taught in the coffee shop for the “equipping” of those involved in that ministry.

   Bir Zeit Women’s Group: These were taught in the Living Stones, an outreach ministry of the Palestinian Bible Society.  This was an exciting group!  We started with about 10 women and on the last day there were over 30.  The room was full and every seat was taken.  Among this group there were three Muslim women (covered) one of whom had studied Sharia Law at the university.  It was a wonderful time of sharing from the Word of God the scriptural way to deal with relationship issues.  There was always good participation from the women and interesting questions that opened the door for further sharing.

Home Fellowship Groups: various groups, one time of sharing.

Informal Relational Environment the majority of my time here was doing this.


          Diana (one of the students from the CCBC Extension Campus East Jerusalem 1998-99) has PTSD.  She is a cancer survivor; last year she completed her chemo, and the cancer is in remission—but she never worked through the emotional trauma of her battle with and treatment of cancer.  The times we met were of benefit for Diana; the Lord ministered to her, and she received a breakthrough.

          Shofica also a student of CCBCEJ.  She graduated in 1999.  Pastor Chuck gave her the diploma when he was in Jerusalem.  Shofica has been involved with ministry to women and has worked with a program that is an evangelistic outreach to Muslims.  She has withdrawn from ministry, with the exception of one women’s Bible study that she teaches, and she is under pressure from the church leaders to take on more responsibility.  Through our times of sharing and prayer Shofica received confirmation from the Lord concerning her decision to “rest in Him” for a time.

          Chrissy is pioneering a ministry to women, with a special interest in women who have been abused; she has recently opened two facilities: a coffee shop for women in Jerusalem, and a retreat center for women in ministry in Nazareth. Our times together involved discussions on administrative and logistical issues.

          Wilma has “come alongside” Chrissy.  They share an apartment together, and Wilma facilitates the practical day to day running of the ministry.  Our discussions mostly focused on the role and responsibilities of support team members.

            Teachers (I lived in the single women housing for the teachers at a Jerusalem School) several teachers were dealing with personal relationship issues.

Writing Character Training Curriculum:

I wrote a month, of five day a week, lesson for a Character Training Class for Jerusalem School, and conducted an informal in-service in how to use the material.

Follow-up on Student of CCBCEJ:

          Nashat is the General Secretary of the Palestinian Bible Society; he is married with two children.  It was such a blessing to spend time with Nashat; he is a mature believer, and as leader of the PBS, he reflects Jesus in his dealings with his staff as well as in his interactions with the Palestinian and Israeli communities.

          George and Lilian: George is the Director of a multi media project and supplements his income as a tour guide (he is licensed as a tour guide by Israel), and Lilian is teaching at the Jerusalem School. Their two children attend a private Israeli/Arab school (Yad va Yad means Hand in Hand).

          Diana is the leader of an outreach ministry in Bethlehem, as well as other areas of the West Bank, whose focus is on families and family issues, such as; parenting, marriage relationships, etc.  She is married to Nasser (who is the leader of an evangelistic ministry to Muslims).  They have two children and are involved as a couple in the leadership of the church they attend.

          Rami is the leader of the ministry JEO (Jerusalem Evangelism Organization) which is a distribution ministry for Israel and the West Bank—much like Calvary Chapel’s distribution ministry—free.  Rami also teaches at the Bethlehem Bible College and supplements his income as a tour guide (he is also licensed by Israel).  He is married to Christine, and they have one daughter and another baby expected soon.  Rami was sharing with me what an incredible blessing it was for him when he went through the Bible study tapes (thru the Bible by Pastor Church) required for the CCBCE students.  He wanted to know if they could translate them into Arabic, because JEO would like to distribute them to the churches throughout Israel and the West Bank with a program for the Christians to use as a devotional on a daily basis.

          Shofica is teaching a Women’s Bible Study; she was previously involved with an evangelistic ministry and plans to return to that in the future.

          Katie and her husband Nassar are living in Nazareth, where he is the pastor of a church, and Katie ministers to the women.

          Kamal is at large, so to speak.  The last contact anyone had with him was a year ago when he was teaching at Bethlehem Bible College.  He is from Haifa where the recent fires were.

          Basam leads a ministry to Muslims and is the pastor of a Palestinian church.  He is married and has two daughters.

          Zach:  Zach, Basam and Rami used to come take their video classes at CCBCE early in the morning around 6 a.m. before they went to work.  Their commitment blessed me at the time, and now to see them as adult leaders and strong believers, I rejoice.  Zach heads a ministry in Nablus (Biblical Shechem).  It is a center that offers various programs through which they are able to share their faith with the Muslim population.

          Jack and Jennifer are living in the states (I believe in northern California) where he pastors a church. They have two daughters.  I visited his uncle’s shop, and his uncle complained to me that when Jack was visiting Jerusalem last year he was “fanatical” because he kept talking about Jesus to everyone including Muslims.  I told his uncle (who is traditional Christian) that that is what the apostles did (traditional church is really into the “apostles”).  His uncle still complained that Jack should not share with the Muslims.  It was an interesting conversation, and reflected the attitude of the traditional churches here in the Holy Land.

          Johnny is still a believer, but not as “sold out” as the other students.  He works as a tour guide, also licensed by Israel.

          Khalid is married and lives in England.  He is now a medical doctor.  I do not know anything about his spiritual state, but it seems he is involved with a church there and his wife is a believer.

          Jameel occasionally participated in classes; he had just opened a new Beauty Salon and was very busy. He now has a booming business, a lovely deeply committed Christian wife and two children.  Worship music plays throughout the day in his shop.  There is also an early morning prayer and share time before opening the shop for the day.

Follow-up on Training in Confident Kids Program:

          About five years ago I returned to Israel at the invitation of the Palestinian Bible Society to train their staff working with summer programs in villages throughout the West Bank. We spent a week at a hotel in Bethlehem for the training, and then I supervised and participated in the implementation of the program offered as summer camps.  I was told by Diana, who at that time was one of the camp leaders, that anytime they are doing a program for children they always first go to the material they learned at the hotel in Bethlehem for reference.  It is a blessing to know that this training is still being used.

          Also, this time in Israel, I worked on adapting the Confident Kids Program for the use of Jerusalem School for their Character Training Class.  I completed one of the four units and referred them to the Bible Society to request one of the team I trained previously to help them adapt the remaining three units.


This is always a big part of my ministry; I am unable to number the meals I have cooked over these three months.  Suffice it to say—almost everyone I have had contact with has eaten a meal I have cooked.  This has been a blessing for me as well as for those who have partaken.  I praise the Lord for the doors He has opened through the thousands of taste buds He has graciously given us!

Prayer Requests:

1.    Argentina and the Falkland Islands are on my heart; I am not sure what that will involve, please pray for clear direction.

2.    Christian Palestinians as they share their faith in the Jewish/Muslim world in which they live.

3.    The previous students of Calvary Chapel Bible College East Jerusalem as they serve the Lord in various leadership positions in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

4.    I will join YWAM staff in Las Vegas in 2011.  In August they are offering a special Discipleship Training School for missionaries who want to work in outreach to victims of the slave market, I will be a team member for this school.




January - April, 2011 Ministering and teaching in the states

   Recently I have had the privilege of working with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Las Vegas. In my early years as a missionary, I attended a Discipleship Training School and a School of Evangelism (DTS/SOE) in Holland.  I served short term with YWAM in Amsterdam and at the New Jersey base in the states.  So it was exciting to once again connect with an organization that had such an impact on my formative years as a missionary.  Among my responsibilities while with the base in Las Vegas was the training of two staff members in the use of the Confident Kids program.  In order to demonstrate how this program could be used for an outreach, we registered children from the local Hispanic community: five pre-teen girls. It was a joy to interact with these girls and a tremendous blessing when each of them asked Jesus to live inside their hearts!

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship (LCF)

   I enjoyed teaching a History and Geography of the Holy Land course at LCF, also here in Vegas, this was a weekend seminar and the feedback I have received has been positive.

Children’s Ministry Conference Murrieta California

   Additionally, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach two sessions at Calvary Chapel’s Conference Center in Murrieta.  My topics were challenging youth to missions and demonstrating the use of the Confident Kids program for outreach, VBS and various other options.

Crisis Counseling

   While I am in the states, I will be taking a course in Crisis Counseling (May).  The completion of this course and its requirements will certify me as a “First Responder” in crisis counseling.  This will enable me to be dispatched through recognized international relief agencies that are in place dealing with natural (or other) disasters.


   It has been almost a year since the Lord placed Argentina on my heart.  I was in Colombia at the time asking the Lord “what next” and He filled my heart and mind with Argentina. During my times of prayer concerning the “when” “how” etc., the Falkland Islands kept being “dropped” in my mind.  Finally, I started praying for the Falkland’s as well as Argentina.  Most recently, I have begun to research the Falkland’s and an excitement has been stirring in my spirit!  I will keep you posted!

Prayer Requests

  • Preparation for the Falkland Islands and Argentina

  • Five girls who received the Lord

  • Health issues that I have designated the month of April to deal with

Thank you for your prayers, I know they have carried me through many challenges!




November-December, 2011 Ministering and teaching in South America (Cali, Colombia)

Crisis Counseling   The Lord truly surprised me with all that He has done through this class.  Each participant had a past tragedy: several have had loved ones murdered, and others lost loved ones in tragic car accidents.  Through the lectures and role playing in the class, many of their lingering questions were answered, and they were able to have some closure.  Several times the Lord redirected the focus.  Instead of the course material, we laid hands on and prayed for one another.  It was a great time of blessing.  Outcome: The hope was that a First Response Team would be formed. That remains a hope for the future.  The participants wrote and designed two tracts specifically for “The Death of a Loved One”, and one for those surviving the “Suicide of a Loved One”.  These are for church resources.  Also, they have begun to develop a Resource Guide, which will list resources such as emergency shelter, food, etc. in Cali.  Interestingly enough, the Lord has already confirmed and used what was learned in this class.  For example, during a church outreach program, the participants encountered a disabled homeless woman and became involved in trying to find her shelter (confirming the value of a Resource Guide).  Also, they received a request from the states for the church to contact a family member in Cali dealing with a crisis; this was answered by sending two of the participants.

History and Geography of the Holy Land   Juan Carlos and I have met several times to work on the further development of this course and how he can effectively use and teach the material.  Over the next months (after the holidays), he will be consolidating what we have covered thus far.  In the spring, he will begin teaching the course in Cali and in Jamundi.

Counseling   I was asked to teach a session for the leaders in Cali on personality difficulties and accepting responsibility (seeking and extending forgiveness).  We discussed and compared the differences between secular theories of development of self and what the Bible tells us, and considered how we tend to minister to pain ourselves (through anger, etc.) rather than give the pain to the Lord—concluding that that was sin.  The emphasis was on “accepting responsibility” instead of excusing or blaming others for relationship difficulties.

Confident Kids   Andrea; was a student at the Bible College in Peru (she is from Cali) and was a student in the class and internship program that I taught in Peru.  She, therefore, knows the CKs program.  She is now assisting me in an introductory class that will culminate in a practicum (VBS) for the children in the church on Christmas break.  The purpose of this is to form and train a team that will take CKs into the public schools.  The schools here are required to offer a class on religion, but have difficulty in meeting this requirement.  So, it is believed that they will welcome this opportunity.  Of course, for the church, it is an evangelistic outreach.

Jamundi   I was able to visit the church in Jamundi, which has now moved into a larger building.  It was a blessing to see so many of my old neighbors in attendance.  Everyone, except two families, from the street I used to live on are now regular church members!  Praise the Lord!

Surprise   The Lord always has surprises for me!  Among the most surprising this month has been the future production of a passion play I wrote in the 1980’s titled Choices.  The church will be using this for outreach during Easter week with a final performance at the church.

Ecuador   On December 27th, I will leave on a local bus for Ecuador where I will be teaching in the church in Cuenca.  I will arrive at the “frontier” in the early morning the following day and will need to walk (with a big suitcase and computer bag) through immigration in Colombia; then walk through “no man’s land” to immigration in Ecuador.  These border crossings can be a hassle.  I am taking lots of tracts with me to ensure my focus will remain on the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  •  For the development and printing of the tracts and Resource Guide

  • Juan Carlos as he prepares to teach History and Geography of the Holy Land

  • Confident Kids--that the Lord would raise up a committed team

  • Travel mercies

Thank you for your continuing prayers, I know they have carried me through many challenges!




January, 2012 Ecuador ~ An Abundance of Ministry Opportunities

The Lord greatly blessed my time in Cuenca, Ecuador with an abundance of ministry opportunities, and with the love I received from the fellowship there.  Thank you for your prayer support; there were moments when I was so aware that I was being carried by your prayers.

The focus of my ministry was teaching:

History and Geography of the Holy Land 
(a 3 week night-class, 5 nights per week): In this class we develop a timeline from the Garden until Modern Israel, including a discussion on the Arab-Israeli conflict.  The students are required to map specific routes as we study the Bible.  Also included is a lecture on the development of Judaism, and the effect of the Babylonian captivity on that development.  I also taught on Jewish holidays.  Our last class was a Passover Seder.  It was a wonderful class and the students shared with me that they were blessed, and their understanding of the Old Testament was enriched.

Crisis Counseling (a 3 week afternoon-class, 5 days per week): Crisis Counseling is specific to the moment of the crisis; it is not long-term counseling/discipleship.  Students were trained in ministering to losses—ranging from an anticipated death to a violent death, a suicide and/or unexpected death of a loved one.  Crises such as fire, and natural disasters were also discussed.  The students in this class will form a resource team for the church to respond to the calls the church receives for these situations.  One of the students shared with me she already has used what she learned in the class.

Counseling (Sunday afternoons): In this class, we looked at examples in the Bible of our identity in Christ, how Father God confronts and disciplines, and examples of family relationship difficulties.  We discussed developing a strategy for confrontation and for extreme intervention.  The students in this class will form a team that will counsel engaged couples, newlyweds, and couples.  All the students were couples.

Confident Kids: This was an all day Saturday conference for the Children’s Ministry Team. They are in hope of taking this program to the public schools.

Counseling throughout this month I counseled with several different people.

Prayer Requests:

  • That the participants in all these classes will be faithful to use what they have learned for the glory of the Lord, and will be faithful to continue to study His Word.

  • Wisdom for Marlon and Lorena who lead the counseling teams, and that they would have discernment in the use of their time.

  • For all the taxi drivers I have shared with; especially those who allowed me to pray for them, and for the one who accepted the Lord.

  • For my time in Peru for the classes I will teach, and Bolivia for divine appointments.




February-April, 2012:   Teaching, Family Camp, Seminars and Travels:  Lima to the
                                          Falklands and Back

     I have lost count of the many different buses I have taken over these two months of traveling!  The shortest of the many trips was an overnight bus; the longest were the four three-day trips—each of which was murder!  All of the buses seemed to be equally troubled with air conditioning that did not work, toilets that filled up and blanketed the bus with a horrible smell, numerous breakdowns, lack of food and water, and loud offensive videos!  Yet, ultimately, I would arrive at my destination, and thankfully in one piece.  One of these destinations was Chile, where I experienced two earthquakes and a flood!

     My plan was to pass through Chile, briefly visit the Calvary Chapel churches, and continue on my journey.  I planned to pass out tracts in Punta Arenas, and share the Lord on the Falkland Islands, then return via Argentina visiting Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia where I planned to take a survey on Christian attitudes and pass out tracts.  These plans were not realized; my schedule changed upon my arrival in Chile, and continued to be changed almost on a daily basis!

     My arrival in Santiago, Chile was after midnight—six hours late!  Yet miraculously, my contacts from Calvary Chapel Bara were waiting for me.  They had checked the actual arrival time with the local office; I was so glad for that!  Flore and her son Cristian warmly welcomed me, and escorted me to the car where Jorge, Flore’s husband was waiting.  I spent a week (much longer than planned) in Santiago where I taught a few individuals to use a concordance and Bible Dictionary, and helped them in doing a word study of the love chapter in Corinthians.  I also taught a class on Children’s Ministry at the church.  The church asked me to return to do more teaching, and I promised to pray about that.

     The Family Camp for all Calvary Chapels in Chile was the same week I was heading south, and so I would pass by there (Lincan Ray).  I was invited to attend and to speak at one of the morning sessions (this detour added four more unplanned days in Chile).  The camp was a blessing, and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend.  Port Montt was also south (which was the direction I was traveling).  I was invited by the pastor of the Calvary Chapel there to share with his church (several more unexpected days); again it was a blessing and a joy to fellowship and share with these dear brethren.  Punta Arenas was my final destination: it is the southernmost point on the South America continent (three day bus trip from Port Montt).  Here I spent the night before boarding my flight to the Falkland Islands.

     The plans I had to share the Lord with everyone I encountered on the Island, were stone-walled by the responses I received.  I have never encountered such friendly gracious people who were so totally closed; so every effort I made to share the Lord fell on deaf ears.  They simply were not interested; it was heart-breaking.  However, I was able to meet with the few believers that live there and attend the Anglican Church.  The Vicker and his wife are committed believers, and it was a joy to fellowship with them in their home, and to attend the home group that meets there on Thursday evenings.  I gave Pastor Chuck Smith’s DVDs and the books I had brought with me to several of these believers.

     My return flight to Punta Arenas, Chile landed on the same night that the rains started; which caused flooding two days later.  I had a lot of Spanish material I intended to pass out in the park, but instead I ended up being evacuated so I could board a bus back to Santiago!  My plan had been to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina from Punta Arenas!  Once back in Santiago, it was apparent to me that the Lord wanted me to teach the seminars that the church was requesting of me.  I taught a counseling seminar and the History and Geography course, in addition, I continued with those I was teaching how to use resources to study the Bible.  I also met with several who requested prayer and counseling.

     When I finally left Chile, I did not have the time to travel to Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay (countries the Lord has clearly put on my heart), because I am scheduled to teach at the Bible College in Cali the first week in May.  I am currently in Peru and will leave in a few days for Colombia.

     Several years ago, when this journey started in prayer, the Lord first impressed me with Argentina, then months later the Falkland Islands. The other countries were placed on my heart during prayer as I was preparing to come to South America. As it happens, when traveling by bus in Chile to Punta Arenas (which is in Chile), you must go through Argentina for two of the three days.  This is because the southern part of Chile is made up of hundreds of islands and there is no road! Therefore, the bus passed into Argentina and drove through the Patagonian region along the coast, and then crossed back into Chile to reach Punta Arenas!

     So, does this mean the first part of the burden the Lord gave me has been fulfilled?  I don’t know.  When I return to Colombia, I will be meeting and praying with Pastor Luis concerning this and my future direction.

Prayer Requests:

  • A couple I met with in Peru—they were part of the team I trained; they are passing through a very difficult time, and she is now expecting their second child.  They need to be in fellowship where they are being fed.

  • Those I was teaching to use the reference material to study the Bible—that they would develop a great insatiable desire to study the Word.

  • Those who participated in the Counseling Seminar, especially the session on forgiveness—that they would choose to walk in the Truth, and not depend on their feelings.

  • All the pastors in Chile; they all work full-time and have families in addition to the church they pastor—pray for strength and encouragement.

  • For each person I made contact with on the Falklands—that what little I was able to share would be a seed that would begin to take root.




November ~ December, 2012:   Teaching in Israel:  The Impact of Fear on Hope

Conference for University Students in Isreal

   Israel’s most recent war with Gaza may have been unexpected by most, but the Lord was not taken by surprise.  He was using His servants to warn and encourage the Palestinian believers of this time of crisis a month before the fighting broke out.  In my last update, I mentioned a conference for university students that I spoke at.  In retrospect, the theme of the conference HOPE and my topic The Impact of Fear on Hope were prophetic!  

   Our loving Father always goes before us, and He never fails to give us words of comfort and hope—if we would only listen!  It continues to be the most awesome privilege to know and serve Him (33 years)!  I thank each of you for your prayers during the crisis, and for those of you who messaged me on FB THANK YOU!

Palestinian Bible Society

   It was an honor for me to serve with these brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Their week begins with Monday Morning Devotions, which begins with a Bible study, a time of sharing and closes with prayer.  Each Monday I was blessed to hear the hearts of these fellow servants, although they are an oppressed minority in a land of constant conflict, their focus is on their high calling—to make Him known. Their passion, and commitment to reach the lost, and to be a blessing to all who live in the “Holy Land” was a testimony to me of the unfathomable love of God!  I thank the Lord for this opportunity.

   Ramallah the women’s Bible study, that I was privileged to be a part of starting and to teach, will continue under the leadership of Diana.

   Jericho in addition to the sessions I led with the Jericho team, on Fridays I worked directly with the teen girls that meet at the center.  The topics I taught on were Communication and Setting Goals.  This is a large group of girls and a wonderful opportunity for outreach.

   Zabadeh women’s conference was well attended, in fact, the women were packed in and standing in the hallways!  I spoke on the Role of Women in the Church, and Knowing and Using Your Gifts.  The Bible Society gave each of the women in attendance an Application Bible, and the women were thrilled to receive them.

   South America, on December 15th, I will arrive in Lima Peru, and on the 16th we will have our first team meeting. I will be leading this team on a mission’s trip to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  In addition to celebrating Christmas together, we will be preparing for this outreach.


  • Palestinian Bible Society for open doors as they continue to minister His love in a hostile environment

  • Women in Ramallah Tuesday evening Bible study—that they will continue to respond to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

  • Jericho open doors and hearts, especially among the teen girls.

  • Zabadeh the continued work with the women and the university students, for revival.

  • South America that as a team we will reflect the Lord and His love.




December, 2012:   Blessed Christmas--Preparing for Missions' Trip

Friday, Dec. 21: Spent the day shopping for supplies for the missions’ trip.

Saturday, Dec. 22: Met with Arturo and Carlos.  Carlos burned the CDs with the History and Geography Distance Learning class and the Confident Kids program to give one to each church that we visit.  Arturo emailed our contacts in Santiago and Lincan Ray requesting phone numbers and clarifying details.  Rehearsal: Carlos is more comfortable with the character of Judas, but still needs a lot of work.

   Our next meeting is on December 26.

Monday, Dec 24: Anytime the Creator of the Universe intervenes in the affairs of man, it is a miracle.  Today, Melinda and I are preparing our Christmas Eve meal.  The guest will arrive at 4pm.  When we were discussing who was cooking what, we became aware that we were two baking casserole dishes short!  What to do?  I called Mary, and she had one she wasn’t using, but what to do for the other?  We were washing dishes discussing the problem when Melinda looked at the aluminum pan she was washing; she had brought it home from Mary’s party, because Mary was going to throw it out, and Melinda knew she could re-use it. It was the perfect size for the lasagna!  As we continued to wash the dishes, we came to a container with left-over cake from church on Sunday.  When we unzipped the container inside, there was another casserole dish!  It’s just like the Lord to provide more than we need!

Wednesday, Dec. 26: Team meeting with Pastor Rick present; we went over final details and logistics and prayed.

Saturday, Dec. 29: Fellowship meal with team. This was a good time of connecting in a relaxed environment; since Carlos and Jenny did not previously know Arturo, it gave them a time to get acquainted outside the structure of meetings.  It was a great time together with lots of laughter.

   Carlos has memorized almost all the script for Judas.

Sunday, Dec. 30: Rick, pastor of Calvary Chapel English Service Lima Peru, prayed for us at both services.  Carlos was present for the first service, and Jenny for the second (they both attend the Spanish Calvary Chapel).  Arturo and I were present for both services.  Rick displayed the map of our trip on the screen and explained where we were going and what we would be doing. It was a very special blessing.

   Our departure date is coming up so fast, January 2, 2013!



January ~ March, 2013:   Summary & Prayer requests


   On January 2nd, we (Jenny, Carlos, Arturo, and I) began our two month missions’ trip which took us from Peru through Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia. We spent over 180 hours on a bus and traveled over 12,200 kilometers—the ministry time was incredible!!!  Through our times of street evangelism, 18 people accepted the Lord, and we were able to pray with a  countless number with whom we had shared the gospel (the later were people who were not yet ready to receive Jesus, but they were open to receive prayer).  In every country but Paraguay, we taught in the churches; I, on a variety of subjects, including Street Evangelism (my first time to teach this!).  Jenny and Carlos taught on Children’s Ministry and Arturo shared on Story Telling.  In Paraguay, we did three days of outreach in the bus terminal!  It was phenomenal, and five people accepted the Lord in a bus terminal!!!!!

Purpose and Goals: Our primary purpose was to share Jesus every opportunity we had; in addition, we wanted to bless and encourage the churches we visited and establish relationships with these isolated fellowships. Few people visit these churches, and they feel cut off from other Calvary Chapels (which is sad because the ministry in Peru is so dynamic!).  So, one of our high priority goals was to establish contact, with the hope of a future ongoing relationship with these churches and the ministries in Peru.  The Lord blessed the desires of our hearts, and it seems several young people from the countries we visited will be attending the Bible College in Peru.  Several churches are interested in starting an English Language outreach like the one here in Lima (Calvary Chapel English Language Service: Rick Heilman Pastor).  And the fellowship in Lima is excited about the possibility of reproducing their ministry.

Highlights: If you are interested in the highlights of this trip (note-as posted below on this page) as recorded in my journals, please visit my website @

Prayer Requests:

  • For each person that accepted the Lord, that they will be established in His Word and grounded in their faith.

  • That the plans for the further development of relationship between the churches in South America will come to fruition.

  • Alejandro, facing extreme difficulties, desires to attend the Bible College in Peru that the Lord will open the doors and prepare the way for him.

  • The church in Uruguay, as they are intending to become associated with Calvary Chapel, and for Pastor Sergio from a Calvary in California as he moves with his family to Uruguay.




January 2-6, 2013:   Chili:  Teaching and beach outreach ministry (miracle on the bus)

Miracle: As we were checking in our bags, Rick gave me a love gift ($100) from Calvary Chapel English Service Lima, it was such a surprise and a blessing, another confirmation that the Lord would provide!

   The bus trip was long but uneventful—the usual “broken” air-conditioner!  I am certain they turn it off because of the fuel! We arrived in Tacna, the border town of Peru, and arranged for a colectivo to take us through immigration (Peru and Chile) and into the bus station in Arica Chile.  This took a couple of hours.  We hit a little snag at immigration in Chile because Arturo told them he was a “missionary”, and he did not have the documents for that!

   We were able to get bus tickets for the afternoon, had time to change money, and buy tickets for the trip from Iquique to Santiago and from Santiago to Mendoza Argentina.  I could not buy the tickets from Santiago to Lincan Ray and return to Santiago, so we called our contact in Santiago buy them for us.  We also ate a nice meal.

   The pastor and his wife, with some other church members, met us at the bus station in Iquique and prepared a light evening meal for us at the house where we all (four) were going to stay.

January 4, 2013 Outreach on the Beach

   We spent the day unpacking and getting organized, and had a team meeting and prayer time.  We will meet together every morning for devotions and/or after each outreach and each night.

   Carlos and Arturo rehearsed “Judas”.  They need a lot of work.

   While unpacking and preparing for the outreach, Carlos plugged the larger of the two speakers I bought for the trip into the electric socket here, without a transformer! Pretty sure it is ruined.  

   Iquique has a beautiful beach area, with grassy areas between the street and the sandy beach.  We did the drama of “Judas” in two different locations, and we each had several opportunities to share with onlookers.

January 5, 2013 Calvary Chapel Iquique

   The teaching schedule was from 10am until 2pm with a coffee break.  We broke for lunch from 2pm to 4pm, and then the last session of the day was from 4pm to 7pm.  I blended History and Geography with Jewish Feasts and Festivals, since they wanted both! I only was able to cover History from the Garden to the Tower of Babel, and for the Feasts: New Moon, Sabbath, Passover (with Passover I included Palm Sunday).

January 6, 3013 Calvary Chapel Iquique and Jesucristo Vive Alto Hospicio

   Morning Session: Palm Sunday it was a blessed time.   Arturo and Carlos performed “Judas” for the church.

   Jenny met with the young women and taught a Bible study, while Carlos, Arturo and I went to another city, where they performed Judas, and I taught on Palm Sunday and the Passover (an elder from that church attended the classes at Calvary and asked me if I would come to his church to teach). This was an incredible church, so loving, wonderful worship, and all about missions.  It was so exciting to be there.  They also had contacts for us in Bolivia!

   After the service a woman asked to speak with me; it was the first time she had ever attended church.  The reason she was here was because she was pregnant, and her husband wanted her to get an abortion, but she felt it was wrong and wanted to know what the Bible said!

Miracle--the church gave me a love offering (30,000 pesos which I think is about $20 USD).

   We spent the evening packing up for the long, long trip we have ahead of us to Lincan Ray!  

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January 7-->, 2013:   Bolivia:  Teaching and Street Evangelism


   One of the two rooms I rented at the Gran Canada Hotel was called an “apartemento” because there were stove top burners, a small refrigerator, and a seating area with a sofa and a chair.  These accommodations were booked online, and the pictures of course were lovely.  In reality, the “apartemento” was 60 steps up on the third floor, (no elevator), and was a lot less attractive than advertised.  (Remember the roach that greeted us!)  It did, however, enable me to cook meals and breakfast was included with the room.  On this trip, in addition to transportation, and housing, I am providing two meals a day for the team.  Breakfast consisted of fried eggs, toast, coffee, and juice (not to be confused with anything by those names in the states).  The first three days we were there it was carnival and the cooks helper did not arrive to the hotel until halfway through the breakfast time, so I ended up helping in the kitchen (washed dishes, pored juice) and serving tables (that was actually fun).

   Carnival is a crazy time in Santa Cruz, there are continuous parades and street parties (drunken partiers), and they have the tradition of throwing water on, and painting each other and anyone else on the street.  There is only safe passage on the streets until noon each day: this enables those who do not wish to have their clothes ruined the opportunity to go shopping or run errands.  We did our grocery shopping in the morning and remained in the hotel for the rest of the day.  So we had three days of enforced rest—which I personally needed.  The stress of travel had caused mouth ulcers which were very painful, and my legs remained swollen.

   After the carnival Jenny, Carlos, and Arturo went to the Principal Plaza for street evangelism, using the questionnaires to open conversations.  I was unable to participate due to problems with my legs.  During this time, six people accepted the Lord.  They found the people to be open and hungry.  Jenny was able to pray for one pregnant lady who gave her baby to the Lord in a beautiful time of prayer.

   I taught at the Karios Baptist Church on Children’s Ministry, while Jenny and Carlos demonstrated how to use Confident Kids and the New Believers for Children programs. On Saturday night, I spoke at the Youth Group (this was a group of young professionals and university students); I also spoke on Sunday morning on the week of the Passover (Holy Week).  It was a blessing to share with this congregation; the young people (95% of the church) are evangelistic and on fire.  They have weekly outreaches in other parts of the city and have gone to surrounding countries on missions trips.  It was very exciting to see what the Lord is doing in Santa Cruz Bolivia!


   The law in Bolivia requires all domestic bus tickets to be purchased on the day of travel.  One cannot book ahead of time!  On Sunday morning at 5:45 am, we left the hotel for the bus station to stand in line to buy our tickets; we were praying we would be able to get seats on the “cama” (bed) bus because they had more room and this route offered cama buses. We were first in line and had our pick of seats, so for the first time since leaving Peru, we had the front seats! (That means that there is no passenger in the front of you to recline into your lap!).  With that done, we returned to the hotel rejoicing, then on to the church after breakfast.  The plan was for a late checkout, but I wanted to complete the process by paying the bill when we returned from church so we would not be delayed leaving for the bus terminal.  So, upon returning to the hotel, I asked for our bill, which they had prepared, and gave the clerk my credit card. He immediately informed me they did not accept credit cards!  We pulled up the email confirmation which clearly stated that “Yes, we accept credit cards”.  The clerk said he would call the owner and let us know by 2:00 pm (we had to leave at 4:00pm).  Needless to say I was in a panic, not only was this a shock, but I did not have the amount needed to pay the bill in cash!  I prepared lunch for us, and waited for the answer from the owner.  It turned out that the owner had another hotel on the other side of town where they did have the machine to accept credit cards; so Arturo and I went in a taxi with a woman, who worked at our hotel, to run the credit card and pay our bill!  While Jenny and Carlos washed dishes and completed the packing.  This was not to be our only surprise and turn of events.

   When we arrived at the bus terminal to check our luggage we were informed that our bus had been changed and our seats reassigned!  Imagine how I felt!  The clerk was very kind and took us to the bus to see where our seats were and the condition of the bus. To my delight it was a relatively new bus, the seats were okay and it was a “cama” bus. All the windows on the bus were open so it was getting a good airing out (so I thought), so as we boarded the bus, we were all very happy—at last a decent bus trip!  Alas, it was not to be.  Shortly after departure, we learned that all the windows were open because there was no air conditioning, the temp was in the high 90s—need I say more?  My particular seat was not really fitted for me, and I was unable to get into a comfortable position.  The alternate bus driver made his bed on the floor next to my seat, his snoring was more like a pig snorting all night while the guy across the aisle up one seat snored like a power saw!  The night seemed endless, the trip took 18 1/2 hours, and it was rough riding.




September ~ 2013:   Thailand I:  Beholding the Continuing Fruit of God's Work

GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   At the moment, I am in Burirum waiting for Dang, one of the girls who was originally in Chumpunag Hostel, to pick me up.  We will then go to her home in Surin.  These past two weeks of meeting up with the young women, who were girls in the Women With A Vision (WWAV) hostels during the late 80s and the 90s, has blessed me beyond measure.

   I first met with Roong from the Krasang House; she is an entrepreneur and operates her own Convenience Store.  She said that, before borrowing the capital for her investment, she surveyed the many 7 Eleven stores, which are very successful here in Thailand.  She said she observed how they stocked their shelves, and what they stocked and used that as a guideline for her store. She has been very successful.

   Oy Lek, also from the house in Krasang, is working as a secretary for a group of doctors at Chulalungkorn University Hospital. WWAV paid for Oy Lek to study baking at a vocational school; she used this background to support herself while she continued her studies in Secretarial School, and she continues to further her education now with weekend classes.  She is married and has two sons.

   Sunii, also from the house in Krasang, is working as an administrator for a Christian School in Chon Buri.  WWAV sent her to the C&MA Bible College where she graduated with high honors.  She then served for many years in the house ministry established by WWAV as a housemother, and then six years ago, she felt the Lord leading her to Chon Buri. Sunii said she really had given up hope of getting married when she turned 30 and was still single, then in Chon Buri she met and married a wonderful Christian man; he is also an administrator at the same school. They are expecting their first child in December.

   Kaw is a teacher at the same school where Sunii works. She is also married and expecting her first child in December.  Kaw was not one of the girls who received a WWAV scholarship; she came to work for us, and we paid for her vocational training.  She used that background to support herself while she completed a teaching degree in Home Economics.

   Ong, also from Krasang, is a data processor for DHL in Bangkok.  She is married and has two children.  She completed high school through a WWAV scholarship then on her own took a computer course.

   Apon and Pawn were houseparent’s in Krasang.  When I taught them Bible studies, I recognized Pawn’s gifting and exhorted him to pray about becoming a pastor.  At the time he just laughed.  Today he is on pastoral staff of a very large church and among his responsibilities is caring for the daughter churches in the remote provinces.  Apon and Pawn have two daughters one is grown (she was a child when they served with WWAV) and another who is in high school.

   Many years ago when I was still serving here in Thailand, I was struggling with the Lord over the name He had given me for the ministry: Women With A Vision (I did not like the name).  At the time the Lord spoke to my heart, “they come in as girls, they will go out as women with a vision”.  What a blessing it has been for me to see this fulfilled in the lives of the girls I have met with thus far.

Prayer Requests

  • That I will be able to meet with as many of the girls as possible. They are all over the country and some living in other countries, so this will be a challenge!

  • Travel mercies; it is the rainy season and there is a lot of flooding.  Yesterday the train I was on was stopped for over an hour while a crew worked on the flooded tracks.




September ~ 2013:   Thailand II:  The On-going Work of God--His Faithful Servants


     “I am your fruit, and you have many children in Surin” these were the words of Phet, the husband of Daeng, as we were riding to Surin.  Daeng was from the house in Chumpunag, but was transferred to the house in Krasang.  She and Phet met in high school. Daeng led him to the Lord, and they began to study the Bible together.  They decided they wanted to attend Bible College and to give their lives in service to the Lord.

   Through the pastor of the church in Krasang, they were able to attend Bible College in the South of Thailand, while there, they also married.  Upon graduation, they accepted a call to plant a church in Surin.  They now have two young daughters and have taken in two teen girls.  Daeng told me they have a vision to help girls in the same way that she was helped, “you taught me mercy and compassion,” she said.  As a couple they also sponsor two Bible College students.

   The church building where they meet in Surin was literally built by their own hands, and it is beautiful.  There are about 70 full-time members, most of whom are rice farmers from the surrounding areas.  One family travels 90 kilometers, on local buses, every Sunday to attend church.  I was privileged to share at both the Sunday school and morning service.  Following the service, there was a lovely fellowship meal, and then everyone changed into work clothes and cleaned the church and grounds.  It seems it was “work Sunday”; once a month the congregation maintains the facility by cleaning the building and doing any repairs needed.  They also maintain the grounds by pulling weeds, trimming trees and general clean up.

   I also met the mother of Daeng, and the mother of Phet—both of whom were led to the Lord by their children.  They continue in prayer for the remaining unsaved family members.  Both of these women were so full of joy; I was blessed by their constant smiles.

   Both Phet and Daeng continue their studies with a Korean Bible Institute in Korat (next province).  Phet completed his course first, now Daeng travels to Korat province once a month for four days.  This week I will travel with her, as Korat was the next stop on my schedule!

Prayer Requests

  • That the Lord will continue to guide and direct Phet and Daeng, and that they will hear and obey His voice.

  • Provision for all their needs; they do not receive support; they and the church are self supporting.

  • That the Lord will add to the church those that He has called.

  • Travel mercies for me as there is serious flooding in all the areas where I am traveling.




December ~ 2013:  Casa del Pastor, San Vicente, Mexico

   Each year seems to pass faster—it is difficult to imagine that 2013 is almost over!  I praise the Lord for the many ministry opportunities the Lord has given me in this year. What a blessing to know and serve Him!


   Recently I had the opportunity to serve in San Vicente Mexico with Casa del Pastor ministry.  While there I taught the Confident Kids program to the leadership team.  They plan to use the program in their ministry and as outreach in the migrant workers camps.  I also led morning and evening Devotions, and helped in the preparation of a new house that one of the residents moved into.

   Casa del Pastor is a ministry to abused women and their children.  They have been featured in the Calvary Chapel Missions Magazine and are sponsored by many Calvary Chapels around the country.  What a blessing to come alongside this wonderful ministry!

Prayer Requests

  • The leadership of Casa del Pastor for strength, provision and guidance.

  • Jose’ (name changed) could not afford to buy his son a birthday cake although he works six days a week, 10 hours a day picking crops.  Pray the Lord will provide a job that will pay more.  He is a member of the Calvary in San Vicente.

  • For my heath, my arthritis is really acting up and it is painful.

 Thank you for your continued prayer.



January ~ 2014 Update:  A special visitor from Thailand and on to Guatemala


   During the years 1984-1996, I lived and served in Thailand where I established a house ministry for 12 year-old girls, preventing them from entering the slave market.  Jib was one of the girls in the Krasang house’s second group.  She visited me here in the states in January.  I wrote about her in September when I was visiting Thailand.  Jib is a Five Star General (Inspector General) in the Thai government police force.  We had time for some heart-to-heart talks during her visit; she is going through a spiritual crisis and in a relationship with a non-believer.


   Andrea is the young woman in Colombia I trained to train leaders in the use of the Confident Kids program.  She has been leading a team in outreaches in orphanages, Child Care Centers and the public schools, in addition to training leaders in other churches.  Andrea notified me that a local station there in Cali Colombia is doing a documentary on her and the program (Confident Kids is very evangelistic!). This may open more doors for her in the public schools.


   I will be in Guatemala teaching at the Bible College, as well as speaking at a Women’s Conference and training a team to work with Confident Kids, using it to reach the children in the markets.

Prayer Requests

  • Jib, she is “in love” with a man who is not a believer. This is a common snare for Thai women since there are few Christians in Thailand. Please pray that she will choose to obey the Lord.

  • Andrea, that the Lord will use the documentary to open doors in the public schools.

  • Travel mercies for me in Central America. Also, that I will be able to use the Spanish I know!




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