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God predestinated us "to be conformed into the image of
His Son..."      - Romans 8:29
And God said, "Let us make man in our image..."    - Genesis 1:26


   An astounding number of the world’s population has been traumatized by war within their borders.  The statistics change as new pockets of civil unrest erupt.  Suffice it to say that a significant number of children in the world have been traumatized by these wars.  These children are the world leaders of tomorrow.  They will reflect the leadership that they have survived under.  How awesome would it be, if instead, they reflected the leadership they were transformed by—God.












                   Equipping participants to minister
               the Father's love to the wounded hearts
               of women and children.



















Coming Alongside Existing Ministries


   In His Image (IHI) is committed to coming alongside existing ministries to assist them in training staff and lay-leaders to work with women and children.  The duration and extent of the training will depend on the needs, interests, and location of the ministry.  On the foreign mission field, IHI staff are available for up to a month, if needed.


   Women.  Participants in this seminar will learn to use Bible characters and families as “case history” examples.  Emphasis is on accepting responsibility and applying scriptural principals to overcome trauma and abuse. Read Bridging the Gap on the Mission's page for an example of what Leona presents during this seminar.

   Children.  Participants are trained to use the Confident Kids program.  Confident Kids uses Bible lessons, games, skits, and small group discussions to help children learn important life skills.  Children learn how to understand and talk about their feelings.  They are guided into a relationship with God, and are taught how to use prayer and scripture as resources in dealing with their life circumstances.

   The Confident Kids program can be used for a one hour outreach, or it can be used for a day, week or month Vacation Bible School program, or in the church as a program offered throughout the year.

   The Word of God holds answers for wounded and abused women and children.  Both the Women’s Seminars and the children’s Confident Kids program are powerful tools that can bring wholeness and healing to them.

   If your church or organization would like to sponsor a Women’s Seminar or a Confident Kids training program, please contact Leona Karni.  See bottom of this page for contact information.




.   Our world today is filled with people who are the victims of violence.  Individuals become a

reflection of what they experience within their families, neighborhoods, schools and overall environments.

   Women and children are vulnerable and often suffer abuse and exploitation.  Their wounded spirits are in need of healing, but usually they suffer in silence and alone.  They desperately need to be touched by our loving Father, and experience healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

   The ministry of In His Image is designed to encourage participants in making choices that will break the cycle of destruction by teaching women and children how to use God’s word and prayer to overcome their circumstances, and become whole through the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

   In the seminars of In His Image, participants learn to use Bible characters and families as “case history”
examples.  The biblical family unit is studied to gain insights into their interactions, choices, and the consequences of the choices they made.  The emphasis is on accepting responsibility and applying scriptural principles to overcome trauma and abuse.

   Wounded people wound others.  Without intervention the cycle of trauma and abuse will continue.  Yet, through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, these women and children can not only receive healing but can be instruments to bring healing to others.






~ available seminar ~


Confident Kids is a Support Group Program and was established as a means to meet the needs of children living in high stress situations. It was designed to be used in a church setting as a weekly program, and to run over a period of a year. The child and parent were expected to attend together with each participating in a separate group.

I (Leona Karni) have used the core ideas of this program in Africa, Europe, Mexico, USA, and the Middle East with success. The program adapts well for use in Summer Camp Programs, Youth Clubs and as an Outreach Program where there will be only a one-time contact.

The core program has four units FEELINGS, FAMILY, CHANGE/GRIEF and CHOICES. The unit on Feelings is the building block for the units that follow and can be used independently of the other units. This is the unit I recommend for use if only one unit will be used.


One of the most valuable life skills a child can develop is the ability to identify his/her feelings and know how to handle them appropriately.

Goals of Unit

  • Equip the participants with a feelings-vocabulary

  • Instruct participants in labeling what they are feeling

  • Discuss healthy ways of talking about and handling feelings

  • Teach how to allow feelings to tell participant when they need to ask for help

  • Share scriptural principals for dealing with feelings

  • The session involves skits, a craft, whole group discussion time, and small group discussion time. Through the skit the topic is introduced, and the craft reinforces and further defines it. During group discussion the topic is discussed in general terms, and then, in small group the topic is discussed in personal terms.



    ~ available seminar ~



    Children's Ministry

    A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ offers children the inner resource for dealing with the circumstances of life and related feelings. Christian leaders have a responsibility to teach children how to use this resource in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.


    ¨ To assist and train those working directly with children through:

    o Short Term Outreach

    o Orphanages

    o Children of War

    o Traumatized Children

    ¨ To help workers identity stress related problems in children

    ¨ To train workers to assist children in talking about their feelings and equip them with the skills
           necessary to understand and cope with their life

    ¨ To train workers in using Biblical examples to help children understand the scriptural response to their
           life circumstances

    Workshop Sessions:

    ¨  Session One: Identify Stress Related Problems

    ¨  Session Two: Identify Feelings and Scriptural Response

    ¨  Session Three: The Use of Scriptural Examples



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  How much time is needed for a seminar?

     A.  The women’s seminar requires a minimum of
          15 hours.  The Confident Kids program
          requires a minimum of 20 hours.

    Q.  What preparation does the sponsoring church
          need to do?

     A.  Good communication with IHI is important to
          help determine if all supplies are available in
          your area.

    Q.  Who teaches the seminars and what experience
          do they have?

     A.  Leona Karni has been in ministry since 1979
          and has served in foreign missions since 1981. 
          She has trained leaders to use this material in
          Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and in
          the USA.

    Q.  What is the cost for the sponsoring church?

     A.  Participation in travel expenses, provide
          housing, and cost of materials.














    Leona Karni

    8320 W. Ford Avenue

    Las Vegas, NV 89113-5218

    Phone:  410.562.2053



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