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updated 7/27/10


A Collection of Writings

by Leona England Karni, M.A.




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  • Now is the Time [excerpt from Chosen In Love: Introduction]

  • China [excerpt from Chosen In Love: Chapter 3]





  • Mali: A Village Study, Colorado Christian College, 1994

  • A Case Study in the Development of Higher Education
         in the Midst of
    Political Struggle, Jerusalem University
         College, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Israel, 1999





  • "The Wall" ~ written by Leona in her late teens and now used
          at various conferences she teaches.

  • "Socially Handicapped" ~ a single woman's sense of
          isolation in the midst of her church fellowship.

  • "Development of Self" ~ a journey from acting to living a
          real life founded on the Rock of Ages and sustained by His
          Love and Grace.




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